Wednesday, May 2, 2018

List of Things That Happened Recently by Penelope

1.My friend threw our school coach's football in the drain accidentally.
3. They removed the portables because we didn't need them and another school did.
4.My friend is on the track team and won a lot in the practices (I am not in the track team).
5. We went to Nanny and Papa's.
6. We have been practicing for staar (I am NOT excited).
7. We did the Fitness Gram ( I did 30 sit-ups, don't laugh at me 5 push-ups, 24 laps were ran).
8.We started reading the series Zoey and Sassafras .
9. I've got A's.
10. Mom set a potholder on fire accidentally.
11. The peach has grown peaches.
12. Much, much more...

If you want to watch us on YouTube look up SarahJettRayburn

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The high school football game from Nellie's perspective

We went to the football game last night because Gray's in the half time act. The half time act is the marching band. When we got there it was about to start. We found Aimee and Jack and sat by them. Me and Jack went to get some drinks. I got a sprite and Jack got a coke I think. Then mom said me and Jack could go under the bleachers and play. But we didn't really know what to do so we just walked around and and talked. Then we went back up to sit down. Then I got hungry so dad gave me change I went to go get nachos, but they were out of nachos, so I got a pint of ice cream, chocolate ice cream. I ate it all!! At 1st it was delicious, but at the end I felt like bleah. Then dad let me get some chips. To make a long story we won! HOORAY WE ALL YELLED !

                                                           THE END !        

Saturday, September 9, 2017

From Sad Poems by Penelope

Two Heartbeats
by Penelope

I feel like my heart beats
in two different places
when the other part of me's
somewhere else.
When my heart's broken,
so is hers.
When it's together,
so is her heart.
My heart beats in
two secret places.
We're two bodies put together
to make one heartbeat.

Puzzle Pieces
by Penelope

We fit together
like puzzle pieces.
Then they came and
tore us apart.
We were together.
Now our hearts are broken.
They can't be fixed
until we're together.
The pieces are scattered
and can't ever be together

Time Warp
by Penelope

We're stuck in this place,
and I can't leave this time.
It's always gonna be like this.
We're never gonna meet again.
There's never a happy ending.
It's always gonna be like this.


Penelope has been feeling nostalgic this evening and just wrote this poem about her first best friend from kindergarten, Blaze. I love it so much.

by Penelope Rayburn

Blaze like fire,
fire in your heart,
Blaze like lightning
that just struck you,
Blaze like the sun,
who keeps going,
but mostly like my
Blaze 'cause she's still
a part of me.

Friday Night Lights

 Grayson moved from Pflugerville to Liberty Hill to start high school this year, so instead of playing for the Panther band, he now plays for the...Panther Band. (As it turns out, Liberty Hill's mascot is also the Panthers.)

Tonight was their first home game, so Derrick, Penelope, Gideon, and I came out to see him march...well maybe to hear him march.  [Note:  I wrote this late Friday night.]

We had quite a time getting there. On the way out of town, we had to stop for basically everything--gas, cash, Taco Bell, Whataburger, multiple trains, and once because we thought the tire was flat (spoiler alert: it was not). Early on we also had to turn around because I had forgotten to bring along my pills for the evening. Later I realized I'd also forgotten to bring a fully charged camera battery, and at that point, Derrick was like, "Oh well, that is really too bad for you."

Fortunately we were wrong by half an hour about the start time of the game--it was 7:30, not 7:00--so by the time we actually got there, we were barley late at all.

Penelope was hysterically panicked, though, because she could hear the band playing "The Star-Spangled Banner" as we climbed out of the car. I was like, "Penelope, are you starting in this game or what?"

I tried to explain that you can't be late for a high school football game. (I'm an expert on high school football games because when I was in high school, this one time I went to homecoming.) (I've actually been present at two of my high school games (for two different schools), but the first time I was only interviewing people under the bleachers, so I'm not sure that counts.)

Anyway, Penelope was hysterical that we were late, and Derrick was getting a bit exasperated with me.  Since we were in a rush, I kept forgetting stuff and losing things in my pockets and changing my mind about what to take, and also we parked with the away team about three hundred thousand miles from the Liberty Hill side bleachers where Aimee, Melissa, and Jack were kindly saving us seats. (It probably wasn't quite that far, but if you ever go there, carry Gideon, and I promise you'll have the same impression of the distance.)  (Once we got all the way up in the bleachers, and I sat Giddy in my lap, I noticed that his diaper was very puffy and realized I should have changed him before we left the car.  I normally do, but we had been in such a rush I had forgotten.)

As for Giddy, he had been thrilled with excitement all afternoon about the prospect of this football game. But only after we got there did we discover he thought he would be playing.  He became totally unglued when we made him leave his little red-and-white infant football in the car.

"This will be fun," I thought apprehensively as he kept trying to twist out of my arms and run away on the long trek to the bleachers.

By an unexpected stroke of good luck, though, Giddy turned out to love watching football. We got there near the end of the first quarter, and he watched the entire first half attentively trying his best to understand the game and to participate when necessary.

He got really into it, clapping and cheering at all the right moments. (And there was a lot to cheer about, honestly. The Panthers won 56-13, and the 13 was all near the beginning.) One time during a punt return, Gideon saw the ball hit the end zone and started cheering, "Yay! Hooray!" because he thought it was a touchdown. When no one else cheered, he seemed a bit perplexed and vaguely embarrassed. Once when Derrick was talking to Nellie and gesturing with his hand, Giddy started carefully mimicking his gestures because he thought it was a thing. Then later during the halftime show when the people behind us started loudly chanting a girl's name, Giddy joined right in.  He didn't quite understand what was happening, but he wanted to be a part of it all.

Penelope seemed to be having a high time, too, making videos on her phone and taking a couple of trips down to the concession stand with just Jack like a real, bonafide big kid.  

It was a nice night, pleasantly cool and breezy, and Liberty Hill has a very nice stadium and a talented team, so the game was a pleasure to watch.  (All my relatively recent years of NFL football made the game more of a pleasure to watch for me than previous high school games.)

By the halftime show, Giddy was getting a little antsy, but he agreed to watch it all and remarked on the glittery dresses of the away team's cheerleaders. (He also kept saying that he was a baby bear because they were the Lavernia Honeybears and had an inflatable bear tunnel to run through.)  Giddy was also very excited that Gray was playing his saxophone, though I don't know if he could pick him out of the crowd from where we were sitting.  (He said he could, but I'm actually sure he could not since he wasn't looking through a camera like I was trying without much success to be.)

I had promised both children to take them down to the concession stand after the halftime show ended. Penelope was desperate to get some nachos. Gideon just wanted to move around.

As it turned out, everyone was out of nachos (we looked everywhere to make really good and sure).  I grabbed myself a red Gatorade and honored Giddy's request for "a bag of the purple" (aka Wild Berry Skittles that I stuffed into my pocket and slowly parceled them out to him as he ran in circles in the gravel). Penelope had to settle for a pint of Bluebell chocolate ice cream. She went back up to the stands with it, but Giddy and I remained in the gravel near the field.  All he wanted to do was run in circles, and that was fine with me.  There was tons of music to run around to because one band or the other was always playing. 

Over and over Giddy would tell me that he could hear Gray playing his saxophone.  If that was the case, he had remarkable hearing because he could also hear Grayson when the other band was playing, but it proved impossible to explain that to him (mainly because he was always in motion).  He loved running back and forth, hanging on the fence and staring into the field, falling into the gravel and then eating Skittles.  (I had some pocket sanitizer, but that just seemed to melt Skittle colors onto his gravelly hands.  Finally, I gave up.)

I the middle of the fourth quarter, Penelope reappeared wanting money to buy chips.  I gave her some cash.  About two minutes later, Gideon suddenly noticed her standing over at the Band Concessions stand.  He abruptly stopped dancing in circles and darted toward her as fast as he could, crossing a wide sidewalk and running right in front of some guys in a cart.  When I yelled for him to stop, he didn't (of course).  As fast as I could, I ran after him, and my shorts (which I guess are too big and were also crammed with stuff) started to fall down.  Fortunately the cart stopped about the time I caught up with him.  He needs to be better at listening, and I guess I need to buy shorts that fit.

After Penelope returned to the bleachers, Gideon and I traveled a bit closer to the home team side of the gravel.  He found a cricket which delighted him beyond words.  (Well I guess not beyond words.  He got right down in the crickets face and said, "Hello, little friend!")

Then at one point, Giddy said, "Wow!  The moon!"

I replied by rote, "Do you see the moon?"  But then I actually saw the moon he was talking about!  It was orange-red and enormous!  I was blown away and tried to get a photo, but my camera is not great for moon shots.  (I'll bet it's capable of taking fantastic ones, but I would have to practice and manually set it up perfectly.)  Meanwhile I texted Derrick to ask if he could see the moon.

A moment later, I noticed a man leaning on the fence with his phone in front of his face looking up into the sky.  I was so excited that someone else seemed to be noticing the moon (because most people were oblivious to it) that when he stepped back, I asked him, "Were you taking a picture of the moon?"

He showed me some shots he'd gotten from a better angle and told me that his friend had a camera that could zoom in so far it could photograph craters on the moon.

"Yes, I have a camera like that, too," I replied, "but I've noticed that the only thing it's good for is megazoom, so I hardly ever use it."  Then Giddy darted away, so I said apologetically, "I've got to follow him," which is how I end many conversations.

He surprised me by asking, "How old are you?"

I was so stunned that I repeated, "How old am I?"  I was just really surprised because normally people don't ask women that.  I can't remember the last time I've been asked that, especially just directly like that.

"I'm thirty-eight," I said finally.

He replied, "My daughter is twenty-five!"

Then I didn't quite know what to say.  "Well...I'm much older than I should be," I said stupidly.  Nodding at Giddy, I added, "He's two!"

He said, "My daughter has a five-year-old!  She's tired."

"I get that," I replied.

Then our conversation was over.

The whole thing really confused me.  I think he had expected me to be the same age as his daughter, maybe?  A moment later it occurred to me that maybe he'd thought I was hitting on him or something.  (I hope not!)  Maybe he was trying to let me know how old he was?  Or maybe he wanted me to make friends with his daughter?  Usually people ask how old Giddy is, not how old I am.  I guess it was weird that I just started talking to him.  (I'm terrible at acting normal at social events.)  Maybe he thought I was flirting, but nope, I'm just a moon enthusiast!

Anyway, the game was ending then, so Giddy and I wandered over to the bleachers and decided to wait for Derrick and Nellie to come down to us.  Meanwhile Giddy discovered the glittery remains of the spirit section and began investigating all the sparkling debris on the sidewalk.

By this time, Giddy was desperately poopy, so we all headed out to the car to change him.  We were hoping we might get to talk to Gray after the game, but he still wasn't available yet after we changed Giddy, so hopefully we'll be able to talk to him after next week's game.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Penelope's 4 weeks of 3rd grade


My homeroom teacher teaches reading. Her name is Mrs. Espinosa.  My math teacher's name is Mrs. Prinzo.  My science and writing teacher's name is Mrs. Martinez.

First I have math, next I have science and writing and socal studies, then specials (we either have music, art, P.E, or computer.) Then we go back to writing, socal studies, and science.  Then we go to reading. Then we have lunch and recess.  Then we go back to reading.  Then school's OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well I really don't know what else to say so bye guys.

                                                 THE END !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!