Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wakey Pants

Penelope has not slept for more than fifteen minutes at a time since Derrick took Grayson home about 5:00. She was really fussy earlier, but now she's just kind of mellow. She's managed to put Daddy to sleep, but she's still awake.

On his way back from dropping off Grayson, he stopped at the store for toilet paper and Kool-Aid. (We live simply; we live well.) Anyway, I gave Penelope a bottle, and then she dozed a little on my lap. Thinking she was out, I decided to call Derrick to ask him to get bendy straws, and really just to talk to him.

As soon as I started talking, Penelope was wide awake. Clearly, she thought I was talking to her. She was delighted, like, Ooh! I love the talky game! That's my favorite game! She kept flashing me the hugest, sweetest smiles, and sticking out her tongue, over and over again. Pretty soon, I actually was talking to Penelope, so I had to get off the phone with Derrick since I was spending most of our conversation cooing at Penelope, who kept smiling at me.

She's such a cutie!

Crushing Implications

"OOOOOHhhh," I just griped. "Why does pumping make me so sore?"

"It's because you don't implicate," Grayson wisely informed me while playing his game. "You need to implicate more."

"That sounds hard," I said.

"Yes, it is," he replied seriously.

"What does that mean?" I asked him.

He started to giggle and admitted quickly, "I don't know!"

A few minutes later, he crashed into some cars and said, "That's what happens when you try to implicate me. I crush you!"

The Face Tattoo

"I'm a better driver than you are, Sarah," Grayson said.

He's teasing me, but the sad part is, it's true. We were all dying laughing. I was doing my best, but once I start going fast, I lose control of the car. (Just like real life!) I actually do about fifty times better when I put it on the setting where you see through the windshield, as if you're actually driving. I still manage to crash a lot, though. Derrick's giving me directions like, "Turn right. Turn Right! TURN RIGHT! RIGHTTTT!!!!!!" Crash!

Grayson said, "You're like a two-year-old!"

In unrelated news, I thought I had stopped bleeding this morning, but now I just started again. I wish I would stop. Even if you count the week before as only spotting, I've still been actually bleeding since last Monday. Tomorrow will be seven days. If I don't stop by then, I'll call the doctor because it seems like something is wrong--although I know nothing they can do about it except give me some kind of hormonal something. And that will dry up the milk.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Grayson just threatened me by saying, "I'll tattoo my face on you!" He says the craziest stuff!

Hot Dogs

Derrick said, "Poor hot dog vendors," because Grayson crashed into a hot dog cart (in the game).

I said, "There are hot dogs already cooked from yesterday! We just need to heat them up."

"No, I'm talking about the game," said Derrick.

"And I'm talking about the hot dogs," I replied. "That was a perfectly good link!"

"A perfectly good link!" Derrick repeated, and then we started cracking up again.

Yeah, it's the Kool-Aid.

African Spanish

Grayson and I are debating the definition of the word "cuckoobaa."

"It doesn't mean that," he said.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"Because I know Spanish," he replied.

"But what if cuckoobaa isn't Spanish," I pointed out. "There are a lot of other words in the world, you know."

"Well, I know all the Spanishes," said Grayson. "African, and..."

"You know African Spanish?" Derrick marveled.

"Yeah," said Grayson.

He's much more worldly than we are. Now he's blaming the sugar in the Kool-Aid for his strange antics, but we know better. We've been drinking Kool-Aid, reading comic books, and playing Burnout Paradise. While I was feeding Penelope, Grayson was showing me the sound effect words written in the Batman comic.

"What does this say?" he'd ask, and I'd make the appropriate noise. This led to lots of hilarity.

I've been wanting to write and said something about Night of the Pompon.

Grayson said, "You wrote a book called Naughty with a Pompon?"

"Yeah," said Derrick. "It was a great book."

"No!" I said, "Night of the Pompon."

"Oh really?" said Derrick. "I must have read the wrong book."

"Maybe you read Naughty with the Hoohoocoocoo," suggested Grayson, who has been making silly noises ever since we were reading sound effects.

"Yeah, that was good, too," Derrick agreed. "That was the sequel."

A few minutes later, Grayson came up with "The Nothing Hole," and Derrick and I decided that was the Shakespearean version.

While I was pumping, I decided to have an ice cream sandwich. Mom brought them over last week. They're neopolitan. Regarding his, Grayson said, "You gave me a pink one!"

"It's chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry," I explained.

"It's pink!" he said.

"Look at the other side," I said.

He turned the open end of the ice cream sandwich around in his hands and said, "It's pink, too!"

"No, look at the other end!" said Daddy.

Minutes later, Grayson (who apparently doesn't believe a word I say), peeled down more of the wrapper and was like, "Daddy! Look! There's vanilla under there." Then when he got to the chocolate, he exclaimed, "Oh, my word!"

Right now we've been playing the psychic game.

"Guess what I'm thinking right now?" Grayson asked Derrick.

"You're thinking Madonna's Immaculate Collection was probably her best album," said Derrick.

"You're right!" exclaimed Grayson in this hilarious voice with wide, shocked eyes.

His timing was so hilarious that we all cracked up for like ten minutes. And then finally he was like, "I was just kidding," which was funny, too.

So we're having fun.

Flying Boo Bear

Nanny just exclaimed, "My word, Grayson. You are wound up tighter than a three day clock." He's throwing his Boo Bear around. "Flying Boo Bear! Flying Grayson!" It reminds me of when I was six, and I used to do "Kid Gymnastics" and throw Christy, my Cabbage Patch Kid all across the room. This would usually send my Grandma into fits. Everyone in the room seems to be having a fit now, so perhaps I shouldn't have encouraged this behavior.

Optimus Prime and Ultimus Crime

We had a really hard time getting our pictures to turn out in the movie theater lobby yesterday. We were either too close with the flash, and it turned the subject white, or we were too far and everything was dark.

Here's the photo of Optimus Prime and his snowy white nemesis, Ultimus Crime.

Back when Transformers first came out, Grayson used to call Optimus Prime Ultimus Crime accidentally. He'd be back there playing with his transformers and say, "Hey, Ultimus. What should we do now?"

"What's going on?" we'd ask.

"Bumble Bee is waiting for his orders from Ultimus Crime."

Oh, Nanny! You're Making Me So Sleepy!

Incredible Kids, Part II

The movie is almost over now. Grayson has watched most of it in one of the kitty beds because he's pretending to be a leopard named Michael. We watched some National Geographic shows about dangerous animals last night, and he's been a leopard on and off ever since.

Rollicking Rayburns

Wow Mommy, That Hulk is Incredible

The Incredible Kids

I was really out of it yesterday. I'm feeling better today. Penelope is wearing the new dress Nanny and Papa bought for her, and we're watching The Incredible Hulk. I love this movie. I don't know why. I think maybe because when we saw it in the theater with Grayson it was like a bonding experience because I had to read the whole first forty minutes for him. It also reminds me of when I used to be so into comic book shows and cartoons when I was about Grayson's age.

Seriously, I recognize that Iron Man is a better movie, but I enjoy this one so much more. I love the way the action advances frame by frame, like a comic. I also love that they use the song from the TV show while he's wandering around. Last summer, we bought a whole bunch of comic books that we haven't read yet.

I just took some pictures of Grayson on the floor and Penny in the bouncer, both of them staring up at the TV in amazement.

Pippity is cuddling with Nanny right now. And Daddy and Papa Harley have gone on a formula run.

Movie Madness

The Hooded Claw

We're watching The Perils of Penelope Pitstop again. What amuses me about this show is that the opening narration talks about the trustee, Sylvester Sneakly, who oversees Penelope's money and adds, "But she doesn't know that he's really the Hooded Claw," as if the disguise he puts on to try to kill her is actually his true identity.

I probably should have blogged more yesterday, but I felt really weird. Penelope and Grayson are "talking" right now. "I think she's telling him all about it," Daddy observed. "She is telling him all about it," Nanny agreed.

Last night, Nanny was making pigeon noises, which resulted in delighted grins from Penelope. She slept most of the day, but she still slept pretty well last night, after an hour or so of screaming at the outset.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dead Bodies

We're watching a show about mummies. I want to be writing something, but I suddenly feel tired. I wish I would quit bleeding. Penelope has been sleeping a lot today, so I'm expecting her to be awake all night.


Last night, Daddy, Mommy, Grayson, and Penny had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma made pork chops and fried potatoes, corn on the cob and chocolate chip cookies. Mmmmm. Then Daddy and Grayson went to see Up.

This morning, Mom, Dad, and I took our turn to see the movie, and Grayson came along, too, to see it again. What a fantastic movie! It appeals to me on many levels. For one thing, I feel like Derrick and I are also stumbling around in the wilderness in the shadow of the house to which we're shackled. (It must really speak to people who have balloon mortgages.) Also, with the weather in Texas in the summer time, it is easy to pretend that we're in the uncharted jungles of South America.

Seriously, though, it was quite fantastic and moving. It seems to proclaim the same life philosophy that Derrick and I share. Mom liked it better than Wall-E, but that movie wormed its way onto my list of all-time favorites, so I'm not sure about that.

In the car, Grayson and I had lots of fun playing "Death Club." He's the Arachnid Avenger (because he's wearing that Spiderman shirt Jana apparently likes so much.) I'm the Tie-Dye Terror. Mom was the Ninja Nurse. Dad was Dr. Death. We then decided Derrick is the Crimson Menace, Penelope is the Little Menace (aka Mini-Menace), Nanny is the Blue Devil and Papa Harley is the Motorcycle Menace. We're all eating hot dogs now.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bringing Up Baby

Bringing Up Baby is such a funny movie. I especially like it when Aunt Elizabeth and Major Applegate show up. I love the dinner scene. While revising my book the other night, I noticed that every single novel I've ever written contains a zany dinner party, no matter the genre. If I ever get my dissertation finished, I'm sure there will be a zany dinner party in that, too. (Maybe the murder of Riccio while he was eating supper with the heavily pregnant Mary, Queen of Scots--though that's not exactly zany.)

My favorite part in high school was when I played Penny Sycamore in You Can't Take it With You. That play also features a zany dinner party at its climax.

Well Pippity is asleep again, after finishing her vegetables and another half a bottle. She just ate three ounces, so hopefully she'll sleep a while. I'm about to pump again now, and then maybe I can work on my book for real.

Bringing Up Penelope

Penelope is lying on her back in the jungle watching Bringing Up Baby. She's so entranced that she's completely forgotten she was just mad and hungry. The good news is, she's been distracted so long, her vegetables are just about warm.

Cool Musings

It seems to me that unless you are going to sit around and do nothing all day, it's sort of hard to keep cool and dry and fresh in the summer in Texas without taking extra showers. (Penelope doesn't make that very easy.) I thought she was waking up a minute ago, but she seems to be nice and snoozy now, so maybe I can get some writing done.

Baby Fun

I hope gorgeous doesn't wake up before I finish pumping. I am watching Derrick's slideshow of old Penelope pictures. I really regret not taking pictures of Stacy and Lindsay the last day. Stacy was her last nurse, and Lindsay brought her down to the car. I should have asked. I just get nervous about taking people's pictures. I don't like to be annoying.

So below are four babies who live at our house (at least some of the time). Can you identify them?


I was going to crop this photo a bit more, but then I realized that the fleshy blob is Penelope's arm, which is kind of cool. This is from right before she tested the water and peed on me. As you can see (perhaps) my pajama top is still dry.

Mommy and Gorgeous

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tired But Mellow

In my mind I've been writing e-mails to people all day long. Now I have time to write them (albeit one-handed), but I can't seem to write more than two sentences before all I want to tell them is, "I'm really tired. I'm tired. I'm so tired."

Every time I contemplate pumping, it makes me feel exhausted an depressed, but then when I actually pump, I'm always like, "Well, this isn't so bad." In a way, it feels like it makes my right breast feel almost better--like it's scratching it inside (that's not exactly what I mean). When it doesn't hurt, it's not bad at all. In fact, it makes me happy while I'm doing it. I think, "Oh, I could just pump for two years, no problem."

Maybe it's because what I actually don't like is washing pump parts.

Or maybe it's because pumping releases oxytocin.

After Peeing on Mommy

Penella Pee[on Mommy's]body


I never claimed to be methodical. In fact, the other day, Derrick said, "Aren't you putting too much water in that mug?" (We heat the water in the microwave and then warm the bottles of milk in the heated water.) I said, "How would you do it?"

He showed me, and I said, "If you only put in that much water, there won't be enough left when you dump a little out after you heat it."

He gave me a look which gave me pause.

And yesterday, I was explaining to Christina, "I put it in for two minutes, but then I only actually leave it in for one minute because I feel like I'm saving time that way, but I know that doesn't make sense."

"No, it makes sense," she said. "It's smart."

I'm not sure if she was being polite, or I wasn't explaining well, or she was trying to butter me up so she could kill me for my frozen bank of breastmilk (the only thing of value that I have).

Anyway, the point is, here was my plan:

I pumped just after four, then went up to take a quick shower, dry off well, and put on all my creams. I then changed into clean, dry pajamas so that the creams would have at least three hours to sit on before I had to wipe the nipple cream off again to make sure my breasts were clean to pump. (I actually managed to get in eight pumpings this 24 hours.) After I got everything done, we were going to bathe Penelope.

Well, so I filled her little bath tub (set inside our big tub) with water. I thought that the water might have been a little too cold. It felt lukewarm to me, but I like hot baths, so I asked Derrick, who was holding naked Penelope to test it. He bent down and lowered her in, feet first. Only one foot and a bit of the other heel got into the water and she started screaming.

He pulled her out immediately, and having tested the water himself, said, "It's too warm!"

"Too warm?" I said in shock. "That's impossible!" Then I was worried that I'd burned her, but he said she was just surprised, which seems true. Her skin wasn't red or anything and she stopped crying very quickly.

I couldn't believe that the water was too warm and felt it again. Then I realized that because I'd recently gotten out of a piping hot shower, my skin was still hot and I couldn't judge temperature accurately, so I will remember that in the future.

(Though if I'm ever bathing her alone, I won't have just taken a shower first unless she's much older, and then she'll be like, "Mommy, you big idiot, that water is too hot," or be like me when I was little and say, "I need some more toad in my water, please," because I mixed up hard cs and ts, and I often had a stuffy nose.)

Anyway, I was sitting in the bath tub, straddling her tub. I'd run the water very carefully and put a dry towel into the back of the tub, so all of my "keep this area dry" areas would be kept dry. But, of course, I had to get up to take the naked Pippy while Daddy fixed the bath. Of course, in this process, the bath tub got all wet...

And so did my shirt because Penelope peed all over me!

And she didn't just pee a little bit, either. She really went to town and didn't stop for like thirty seconds. But I didn't know what to do about it. Nothing pee-catching was handy, so I just stood there and let her pee on me since she peed between and below my breasts and not on them.

So...we gave her a bath, and of course, I got completely wet, so my socks, pajama pants, shirt, and all the towels and wash cloths are now in the washing machine, and I have on a new pair of pajamas that are clean and dry--for now.

Penelope really enjoyed splashing in the bath tub. But I took my hand off of her for one second to get more soap, and she reared up and did this crazy slippy flippy thing. Fortunately, my other hand was still on her. The rest of the bath was less exciting. She did toot once, but she didn't seem to mind. She was having too much fun kicking and splashing.

Turning into Grandma

Every day, I remind myself more and more of my grandma. Nobody else seems to notice, but I notice constantly. Where else would I have inherited my paranoid, phobic determination to protect my children from a dangerous universe in which anything could kill them at any time tempered with an insatiable desire to keep myself busy and entertained and a longing to go out and eat tacos at least once a week? Like Grandma, I keep my focus small and fret about something exclusively until it is resolved. Like Grandma, I have a total reliance on Derrick to provide stability and emotional support.

(Grandma, of course, didn't rely on Derrick, but she trusted Grandpa so much that years after his death, she used to attribute all positive advice to him. She would, for instance, regale us with favorite quotes from the Apostle Paul, and end them with the attribution, "as Daddy used to say.")

Granted, there are bif differences between Grandma and me, too. (I'm less particular about getting my hair done, for a start. I'm like an affront to the entire continent of Europe. I remember someone Italian once explaining to me that in Italy, people dress well to be polite because others have to look at them. I love to buy clothes for Penelope and Derrick, but I prefer to buy myself books and DVDs. As long as I have nice things to look at myself, who cares what I'm wearing? I'm such an American slob!) Also, I don't refuse to believe that Egypt is in Africa. (We had a fight about that back when I was eleven that lasted much too long--especially because I had an atlas right in front of us.)

I was feeling really worried earlier, and then Derrick came back and everything seemed immediately fine, and I decided it would be a lovely sunny day to make hamburgers (except he wants spaghetti). For some reason, I am really craving avocados, which is what I usually put on burgers, but we don't have any, anyway, so we might as well have spaghetti. I've been really itching to make this moussaka recipe I found in my DK cookbook. I really like moussaka (or at least the stuff I had in Athens), but I don't have any eggs (or any lamb).

Penelope has been a little smiley all day long and barely cried at all. Maybe there was so much yeast on my nipple before that it was getting into her milk and giving her gas? Derrick just put her on the tummy time mat, and she still seems happy.

I just pumped her some dinner that Derrick is now feeding her. She's getting so big! What a cutie!


I've been reading some breastfeeding forums. If breastfeeding really did what it was supposed to for the mother, it would be the best thing in the world. But it doesn't for every mother. Maybe I started bleeding more heavily because I reduced my number of pumpings (although I'm still doing 7-8 times. I'm just sleeping 7 hours when possible at night). But why did I spot all the time before that? I just think I shouldn't have to bleed all month long. That seems reasonable to me. You should read the things people on those message boards say to mothers who decide not to breastfeed, though.

I'm about to feed squawky.

Slightly Discouraged

I'm becoming concerned by how much I've been bleeding. I've had light spotting pretty much the entire month of May, which does not seem like a huge problem, but it is kind of a pain. I'm pretty sure I'm having an actual period this week, as of Monday. If I'm still bleeding next Monday, I'm calling the gynecologist. But I can't think of anything they could do without giving me something hormonal, which will dry up my milk. But I guess they might be able to think of something, and I could call them and find out.

Mommy and Penelope in...If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

Penella Peabody Enjoys her swing!

Penella Peabody

Derrick always jokes that Penelope has been taken over by her alter ego, "Penella Peabody." I think currently, Penella Peabody is trying to claw her way out of the swing. She was asleep after eating her vegetables, but then the kitties woke her with their hijinx.

Saving Money and Wasting Time

Well, I just wasted over an hour looking at Baby Gap--but no money! Hooray! I am kind of mad I spent so long moving things in and out of my cart. It's like I'm turning into my grandma, but I take the things back before I buy them. It was just too expensive and also, I couldn't figure out what size to get! Derrick said it was okay to get them, but he forgot to add "if you want us to go to debtors' prison and bust rocks for the rest of our lives." Is that even what you'd do in debtors' prison? Maybe I'm thinking of cartoon characters' prison. (Actually, now I'm thinking of the Flintstones which always reminds me of Lindsay.)

I want Penelope to have nice clothes for our trip, but actually she has plenty of nice clothes already, and it's not like our relatives will be like, "What? We've already seen these clothes in pictures. This is an outrage! Dress that baby in some new clothes immediately! Haven't you ever heard of Baby Gap?"

Meanwhile, I understand now why we got free cottage cheese for buying Mootopia. One expired the 22nd and the one Derrick got later expires today, so it should still be good today, right? I hope so because I just ate some. Christina and I finished up all the non-expired cottage cheese yesterday. (Now I'm forcing Derrick to eat some cottage cheese, but luckily, he likes cottage cheese.)

I wish I'd spent that hour working on my book instead of shopping at Baby Gap! On the bright side, I did get a load of laundry done.

Mano a Monistat

I am getting all the candida stuff cleared up, slowly but surely, so we should be able to try out a supplemental nursing system with Penelope next week. I was really frustrated last night, though.

After great difficulty, I've come to the conclusion that the woman on the Monistat directions and I are either anatomically different or have vastly different levels of skill. I forgot about the proper way to treat a yeast infection. When I had one last June, I just used the topical cream because I was hoping I was pregnant. Last night up in our bathroom, I remembered the other time I had a yeast infection several years ago and the seeming hours I spent crab walking across my bedroom floor in agony trying to follow the instructions correctly.

(The directions don't say: Crab walk across your bedroom floor for hours. Though it would be funny if they did--as if clearing up a yeast infection is some kind of mystical quest like finding the Holy Grail. You go through all these strange hoops and at the end the Lady of the Lake or someone magically cures you.)

Anyway, seriously, it took me like forty minutes last night, and I still didn't do it exactly right. How Derrick ever got me pregnant, I don't know. I seem impregnable to me. He must be Houdini. I'm not anatomically ignorant, I might add. I'm sure if the woman in the Monistat directions came over, I could cure her yeast infection, but that still wouldn't do a lot for me, candidally speaking. I feel like I need several mirrors and possibly acrobatic training to get this to work. (Possibly the problem is partially the vaginismus thing.)

The box says that yeast infections shouldn't give you a back ache. Clearly, they have never tried to insert the suppository capsules by my method. Those capsules are bigger than horse tranquilizers, too. They remind me of that probe that's up Arnold Schwartzenegger's nose in Total Recall.

Anyway, Derrick got me Monistat 3, so at least there won't be too many repeat perforamces of my little circus act. He said the cashier credited the $8 coupon on the Monistat box to that purchase and then gave it back to him, too. I told him that was probably her way of rewarding him for buying a box of Monistat, clearly showing he's someone who loves his wife or girlfriend a lot (or perhaps his mother, a little too much).

Anyway, Penelope seems really grumpy right now. I think from her body language that the swing and the sleep sheep are putting her to sleep, but that she's not going down without a fight. I was just about to pump, but I don't know if that will be happening. Maybe I'll at least get started. We'll see...

Star Gazer

We put the netting back up on Penelope's swing because as of yesterday, she's become obsessed with the rotating stars. The center console is pink and covered with cut outs of stars and moons. As it rotates, it projects star images onto the netting of the swing. A minute ago, the lights switched off and Penelope's face fell. Derrick switched them back on (because I'm pumping), and her whole face immediately lit up and she started grinning and looking around. She's so cute!

Amazing Milk!

I'm just amazed by breastmilk. Here is a bottle that has been in the refrigerator for almost 24 hours. It's not frozen. The cream is just so thick that it creates a stopper and none of the milk breaks through it.

More Swing Picks

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I like the way she thinks

Derrick just finally stopped working. I mentioned that to my sister. She suggested that he needs a massage. "Probably not from me," I said since I'm crawling with candida. She said, "You need a massage, too! Massages for everyone! Yay!"


Christina's very buff and flexible and spry for someone 38 weeks pregnant. She lugged Penelope all over the place and offered to help me clean the house. She suggested that Penelope was so happy when she held her because then she could see me, but I think she also liked Christina.

Also, when she was in the swing, we were discussing whose features she had, and we may have encouraged some of those smiles by tickling her toes, but she seemed unusually delighted with her swing and willing just to play there. She was smiling and cooing at the little mobile as it went around. A few times, when Christina waved hello, it seemed like Penelope was waving back, but those may have been coincidental arm wigglings.

She's better with her hands now, so she hits her mouth more than she misses, leading to less Mariana's Trench level scratchings and, in turn, less screaming. Earlier on my lap, though, she was putting her closed fist up to her mouth and sucking, as if her thumb were hidden in her mouth, but actually it was tucked inside and fist and mouth were closed. Little faker!

My cutie pop

As you can tell from the pictures, Penelope had a very fun day. (I might point out after reflecting on my previous caption that Penelope was the one doing the swinging, not Mommy and Aunt Christina.) It was really nice to see Christina. I hadn't seen her in ages since I've turned into such an agoraphobic germaphobe.

She told me the funniest anecdotes, how one of her friends picked up a pacifier for a stranger and asked, "Can I give this back to your baby, or is this your first child?" Part of the reason Penelope may have been so delighted is that I was more relaxed than this weekend while I was spazzing out. I actually had a very nice chat with Jenni, the LC, who seems like a really nice person. She explained a bit about supplemental nursers and gave me some candida advice.

I wanted to write more, but I'm pumping and eating and can only type left handed.

Swinging With Mommy and Aunt Christina

Happy Baby and Aunt Christina

Aunt Christina

I think Penelope likes Christina. She has been a little smiley pants all day (Penelope, I mean. I have a feeling Christina would not be thrilled to have the nickname little smiley pants). They're playing in the jungle together now while I finish up pumping. But the weird thing is, Penelope sat in the swing for like half an hour just playing. At first we were playing with her, and she was smiling and cooing. But then we looked at Christina's shower pictures while I pumped, and she was still content for a really long time.

She's in the world's best mood. Maybe there was yeast in her milk.


Those are going to be the intials of my friend Christina's baby--James Arthur William Swan (Will for short). He's currently 38 weeks and hanging out where he's supposed to, in his mother's womb, unlike our little eager beaver. Christina's coming over for lunch today at noon. I haven't seen her in person since October or something, which is very sad considering that we live in the same town. She must really miss me because I told her that I planned to have frozen chicken pies for lunch, and she is still coming.

Nelopede is asleep in her swing, but I'm not sure how much longer that will last. She's kind of squirmy. She seems to want to throw her butt up over her head, which is working out better for her than you might imagine.

Meanwhile, my friend Mitzi found an LC for me, so I'm going to call her later this afternoon and set up an appointment. We've already exchanged e-mails, and she seems to think a supplemental nursing system would be a big help for me, which is, coincidentally, what Dr. Little said, too.

I remember that guy Chuck on ER using a supplemental nursing system so he could nurse the baby he had with Dr. Lewis. I doubt Derrick will want to nurse her, though. I already make him do everything else! Poor Derrick!

Penelope and Daddy

The Stinky Parrot

Penelope just screamed at the top of her lungs non-stop for an hour while I was holding her and Daddy was mopping the kitchen floor. I finally got her to sleep over my shoulder by bouncing and rocking at the same time, singing all the while. Currently, her diaper area is resting just under my nose.

It's like I'm a pirate and she's the parrot--if a parrot smelled like soggy pampers.

Uh oh! The parrot is squawking!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Before and After

Mommy: I think you're tired, Penelope!
Penelope: You're a dirty liar! I'm hungry, and if you don't make me a bottle right now (like that empty one I keep staring at) I'll kill everyone in this house!
Mommy: But you just ate an hour ago, Penelope. You just think you're hungry because I changed your diaper.
Penelope: If you don't give me milk RIGHT NOW I will starve to death and take you out with me!!!

Three minutes and ten mls of milk later...

I Have You in My Power

More Cuteness

Cutie Pie is cuddling with her daddy right now. She was so cute in the doctor's office this morning, playing with us while we waited. Then Dr. Little came in and told her hello, and she was all like, "Oh, hi! What's up?" I mean, she can't talk, but she looks at you and oohs and grins and moves her mouth.

Her eyes are so blue, like Grayson's--and mine, I guess. Derrick's are green. His driver's license says blue, but they're very obviously green if you're standing close or in pictures. It's especially obvious if he's with Grayson or Penelope.

I'm going to post some cute jungle pictures. You can see from these that I like going outside, but Penelope likes playing in the jungle. It's definitely her happiest place.