Friday, July 31, 2009

Crazy McBaby

It's 2:20 and Penelope just fell asleep today. She must be tired because she's only slept 40 minutes since 8:30! I really hope she'll stay asleep this time. She should sleep for a while because she's got to be exhausted. She just had this huge, ballistic meltdown before I got her to nod off.

Maybe the Typing woke her!

I think Penelope's interest in her animals has waned somewhat because she's realized that I'm the one who talks for them all and moves them. She used to love to dance with Giraffe and flirt with the zebra and the crocodile (who I'm calling Croc Chirac these days). When I'd talk for them, she'd stare at them intently and respond to them. Now when I talk for them, she looks me right in the face, with this insolent expression like she's just pulled the curtain away from the Wizard of Oz. She shoots me this look like, "I guess you think you're pretty funny, Mommy. Is this what you do to entertain yourself?"

In other news, she just woke up after napping for ten minutes! Why won't she nap today!

I've also been keeping track of how much she eats. From 8:30-12:30, she ate twelve ounces! Why is she awake! She should take at least one long nap!


Penelope thinks it is so funny when she sneezes! She grins immediately and sometimes giggles. Then if I say, "You said, 'Achoo! Achoo!'" and pretend to sneeze, she grins and giggles again.

Bad Dreams

I didn't sleep well last night. I woke up at 3:00 and thought Penelope had turned blue. Then I realized it was her turquoise onesie reflecting up onto her face. I still slept restlessly and had dreams about my dissertation. In one of them, I was in high school and supposed to wear a ballgown to some kind of trivia contest in Iceland, but I hadn't done that.

When I did come back to school, the class went to some kind of art lesson, but I didn't go. My first roommate from college, Christy Karako (who would have been Monroe since this was high school) was there, as was a girl I knew in high school. We were all drinking vodka and talking about where I'd been. Then the other girl found out that April 10 was my birthday. She was like, "I didn't even know. I thought I was your best friend. Why didn't you tell me?" I was like, "I don't remember. I don't even remember what I did for my birthday. It was really this kind of thing where we just had cake and presents with family...and then went to a dance...and then when to the circus...and then had a party for 300 people in the Astrodome..."

I was starting to feel increasingly bad about not telling her as I remembered more details.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Help, Mommy! Daddy's Crazy!

In fairness to Daddy, Penelope's face looked just like his throughout this gleeful game. It's just that she will never, ever smile at the camera. She was smiling over at me--until she saw the camera.

That Camera Will Never Find Me Now

The Mad Song

My name is Penelope,
and I'm mad!
You might think that I shouldn't be--
Well, too bad!

I make my quacky face!
And I chew all over the place!
And I'll glare right in your face!
'Cause I'm Mad!

My name is Penelope,
and I'm mad!
I may "Ai! Ai! Ai!" at you
'Cause I'm Mad!!!

I make my meanest noise!
And I slobber all over my toys!
And I'm louder than seventeen boys!
'Cause I'm Mad!

My name is Penelope,
and I'm mad!
You don't want me for an enemy
cause that's bad!

If I hear you laughing at me
I'll scream until I make myself pee
and then everybody will see
that I'm MAD!!!!!!

Angels going bowling

Penelope woke up around 9:50. She fell asleep again around 11:00, but now I just started pumping, and she woke up. She's staring up at her stars looking sad and perplexed, like she's trying to figure out why they're not on. I'd better get up and start them. One moment.

She was such a cutie during the thunderstorm this morning. Every time the thunder would rumble, she'd look up at me with huge, wide eyes. I'd say, "It's just the thunder. It's okay. That comes to let us know it's raining." She's smile and nuzzle into me as she gave her bottle her full attention again.

For the moment, she's entranced with her stars, staring up at them in awe and talking to them. Let's hope this lasts a while...


Penelope is still asleep. I'm trying to decide if I should wake her. I'm sure she's still sleeping because it's overcast, but on the other hand, she was very restless last night until a few minutes after midnight, so maybe she needs the sleep. I came down to mix her milk and wash my pump parts. I'm not sure what is best.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Penelope always tells me, "Hi," around the nipple when she's done drinking her milk and ready to play a while. It suddenly occured to me tonight that I explained to her several times that hi means, "Hello! I'm glad to see you! I'd like to play with you." This is making me begin to wonder how much of what I'm saying she understands because she always tells me, "Hi," when she's ready to stop eating or wants to get out of her swing. But it may be just a coincidence.

She was all smiles this evening when I turned her around to face me. She laughed and grinned at me non-stop. She's such a cutie. She still loves to play, "Where's Penelope?" and ever since Derrick moved her changing pad to the little table in the kitchen, she loves to have her diaper changed. She's also starting to like Good Night, Gorilla a bit better than Old Macdonald and seems particularly interested in the keys. She always listens and looks very closely while I try to explain to her what the gorilla is doing with the keys.

She used to hate and fear the little trilingual dragon Merry got her, but suddenly, she finds him delightful, especially when his tummy plays "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." Maybe she's softened up because he kind of looks like her monster--the sock puppet who washes her hair when she takes a bath.

She did get really, really mad again earlier, but I don't know why. I elaborated on her mad song a bit. She seems to scream less when I sing that, as long as I sing in a mad little voice.


Penelope continues to roll over and blame me. Right now, she's innocently sleeping in her swing. I think she's so sweet when she wakes up in the morning. First she goes, "Aaa!" to let me know she's awake. Then she smiles. When I pick her up and take her downstairs, she holds onto my shoulder tightly and nuzzles into my neck. You can always tell she's hungry, but she waits really patiently for her milk. Sometimes, I hear heavy breathing in my ear--that means she's excited and looking around. Then I hear smacking noises and sometimes gagging--that means she's really hungry and tired of waiting, so she's trying to tide herself over by chewing on her hand.

She's so sweet and so patient--until the moment when I attempt to do something else while the bottle is heating in the warmer. At that point, she becomes a raving maniac until I stop my unacceptable activity. Apparently, as far as Penelope is concerned, an integral part of preparing the milk is staring at the bottle warmer until the red light goes off!


Penelope rolled over onto her tummy tonight, and she got mad. I turned her over. Then immediately, she rolled over onto her tummy again and got REALLY mad. I was unable to soothe her for some time. At first I think she was scared, but then she just got really, really angry and threw a fit.

I bounced her on my leg and almost had her cheered up, but then I started accidentally laughing, remembering how I'd swallowed a cherry pit and started freaking out about it (I really have an aversion to swallowing them and it keeps happening). I was just laughing about how ridiculous I am, but then Daddy made some crack about Penelope, and she thought we were laughing at her. She got absolutely furious, and she really yelled at Daddy for several minutes.

Finally, I calmed her down by singing a song:

My name is Penelope, and I'm mad!
My name is Penelope, and I'm mad!
I make my quacky face
and I chew all over the place,
and I glare right in their face,
cause I'm mad!

Not the best song but I was making it up on the spot, and Penelope seemed really into it, though after a while, she stopped crying and stared at me, jaw dropped. I'm not sure why she found this song so shocking--maybe because I was claiming to be Penelope. I'm never sure how much of a vocabulary she has. Babies are supposed to understand language long before they learn to use it.

Anyway, I had more stories, but I need to go to bed now. She's been a little terror of rage all night but is finally asleep.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Screaming Fits

Penelope woke up happy and delighted at about ten after nine this morning. Then around 11:00, she went absolutely ballastic for no apparent reason and freaked out for twenty minutes, seeming hungry but refusing food and refusing to be consoled. Then all of a sudden, she chilled out, suddenly accepted her milk, and went to sleep sucking on the bottle while she held my finger with one hand and pressed against my breast with the other. She looked like an angel. You never would have guessed she'd had a total baby meltdown just moments before. When she's upset like that, she makes the kind of noises you'd expect from someone covered in barbecue sauce sitting on an ant hill with one of those things from Star Trek burrowing through her ear and into her brain. It's very distressing. Thankfully, these little crazo-hysterical spells don't last long.

She had fun in her bath, too. (She really needed one.) We still can't get her to eat the rice cereal, so I hope she doesn't lose weight since the new formula is lower calorie than the Neosure was. She's looking a little skinnier--but then again, she was looking kind of chunky last week so maybe she grew.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cereal Killers

In the past half hour, Penelope has gone through three outfits, and she just puked on the fourth, but we wiped that up. Daddy's getting to see first hand how she makes herself throw up with all her antics. Earlier when I was feeding her (after an unsuccessful attempt at more rice cereal), she started to grin at me, and then these horrible, scary sounds started squirting out of her butt. That sounds gross, I know. Then I laid her down to change her, and the second I opened her diaper, she kicked both her feet into it immediately before I could grab them. She's gone through I think seven outfits today.

I don't know when she'll like rice cereal. Daddy was holding her, and I sat down in front of them to feed her some. She gave me this huge, surprised grin, like, "Oh, Mommy! It's you! What a pleasant surprise." Then I fed her a spoon full of cereal and she looked at me like I was...

Well she looked mad. Just now, I kept thinking of all of these ways to end this sentence--Jeffery Dahmer, the Son of Sam, the Zodiac killer, the Night Stalker. I was like, Nobody seems perfect. Why am I thinking of all of those guys anyway? I guess I'll just say "a serial killer." And then when I thought that, I realized why I was thinking of serial killers in the first place. Cereal. Clearly, my mind is too helpful.

The Puking Pippy

Penelope really needs to quit her new hobby--grabbing her feet and stuffing her toes into her mouth until she spits up because of the pressure on her tummy. She just won't stop. She doesn't see the cause/effect relationship, and she really loves to stick her toes in her mouth. She doesn't like to spit up, however. She always looks over at me woefully, as if it's all my fault.

The other thing she's done is pee all over the place and leak out of her diaper. She's just having these inexplicable tidal waves of pee. Maybe we need to move up to size 3 diapers soon. I don't know. She's gone through five onesies since 10:00 last night. That's kind of a lot. Then after I changed her onesie the last time, I took her over to the chair for milk.

Abruptly, she puked all over both of us--really nasty, chunky milky stuff. It looked like it had been in her tummy for a while already, digesting. She gave me this look of horror, like, Why did you let that happen to me, Mommy? Then she sobbed and sobbed and I couldn't console her for several minutes. I had to just hold her and walk around. Then I sat her on my lap. Finally, we calmed down and went back to the bottle chair. She was actually hungry. I think she'd just been grabbing her legs again while I'd changed her onesie.

Right now she's in her swing. I moved her blanket off her face, and it woke her up--much sooner than I planned. For the moment, she's looking at her stars contentedly--and chewing on her toes, so in the next moment, I'm sure she'll be puking all over her stars. Crazy baby!

Pip on My Phone

Where's Penelope?

There she is!!!!!

Here's a picture I took with my phone.


Penelope is definitely saying, "Hi!" She says it very clearly, making a really hard "h" first. Like she "h"s for a long time before the "i" comes out. It's so cute, too, because it's in her normal speaking voice, not a squeaky voice.

The thing is, I don't know if you can call it a first word because she clearly doesn't know what it means. She just knows when she tells Mommy "hi," she gets to hear what a good girl she is. It's just a way of telling me she's glad to see me. Now, that's the tricky part, because basically, that's what "hi" does mean--like, "Hey! Hello there! Glad to see you!" But I don't think she particularly means that exactly. Because sometimes I'll say, "Hi!" and she'll respond, "Hi!" and sometimes I say it, and she responds with spitty lips (her other trick that makes Mommy happy). Either way, she'll then get a knowing look on her face and grin and grin at me, like, See, I did my trick. I've pleased you, right?

Last night in the jungle, though, I told her, "We say hi to tell people, hello, I want to play with you. Say 'Hi' to your butterflies, and maybe they will play with you." I didn't think she was even paying attention, and the instant I got done talking, she looked directly at her butterflies and clearly said, "Hi!" which really freaked me out.

I still don't think she quite gets it, though. I think she's just mimicking me. Because one time after she said hi, I was so pleased with her, I went, "Oohhh ohhh" with a little catch in my voice, and she then copied that noise, too, exactly.

She's really cute, though. We're trying to teach her to say hi and wave. She did kind of move her arm back at me while Daddy was holding her and I was pumping and waving hi, but I don't think she understood what we were doing because she looked really confused.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Last night I dreamed that Penelope told me, "Nice to see you, Sarah. In a minute my mommy will be here."

I asked, "Who is your mommy?"

She said, "That's her over by Cronan and She-Ra." Then she pointed to my mom. I was devastated.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Guess what??

Penelope said, "Hi!" I swear she said, "Hi!" She did it like five times!

Crazy Mommy

I'm not sure Penelope likes being put down for naps up in her room, and I'm not sure I like it, either. I think I'm crazy. I know she has to learn to sleep away from us, but I miss her terribly, and I feel like I'm betraying her by leaving her alone--which is pretty irrational. Our routine is all off today, and maybe that's what's upsetting her--it's kind of upsetting me--that and the horrible pain in my achilles tendon that started acting up again today at random. That makes me so mad! It's like for no reason, I randomly become crippled for a day, and then it fades again. I hate it!


Nanny and Glenda came to visit Penelope today. She was napping up in her room when they arrived, but she'd just woken up, so Nanny went upstairs to rescue her. Apparently, however, she didn't want to be rescued. She was very pleasant at first, but as soon as Nanny brought her downstairs she started screaming bloody murder. Even after I took her, she looked around the room at everybody and screamed. Then after she'd settled down, when Nanny came over to tell her hello, she started freaking out again. As I held her, she glared over at Nanny on the couch.

This was rather, alarming, needless to say, since she doesn't usually carry on in this fashion. Fortunately, she warmed up to her visitors. (I think she was just disoriented and overwhelmed.)

Just now, she started freaking out again. Daddy was holding her, and she was frowning in her sleep. He started to stroke her face, and she relaxed. Then moments later, she started crying hysterically--but she was still asleep. Finally, I picked her up, and she stopped crying and nestled into me. But I was in the middle of eating a bowl of chili, so I gave her back to Daddy.

Then she started screaming and crying again. Finally, he convinced her to calm down. Grayson picked Jurassic Park to watch, so maybe the noises of the T-Rex gave her a nightmare...or maybe the chili makes her breastmilk give her nightmares. I did have nightmares all last night and also when I took an hour nap from 5-6. I thought that was because of the pain in my foot, but maybe the chili is giving us weird, vivid, prophecy-like nightmares--because that happened on The Simpsons once, so I know it's possible.

Brother and Sister

The Blair Baby Project

The Perils of Penelope Rayburn

For some reason, our darling child woke up at 6:38 this morning and refused to go back to sleep. I think she might have gotten hungrier sooner since we stopped using Neosure and switched to a lower calorie formula. Anyway, Daddy was wonderfully nice and took her downstairs for breakfast, so that I could continue to sleep. I mean, I'd finished pumping and washing everything just before one, so I really was not ready to get up.

Meanwhile, I had all sorts of horrible dreams involving Penelope being sick, Penelope having powers according to some propechy, Penelope eating KFC because for some crazy reason I decided to feed her some.

Anyway, about 8:30, Derrick reappeared. He'd taken the bumper pads out of the crib and put Penelope down in there because it's hardly fair to be like, "Grayson, do not make any noise at all while you're downstairs. Your sister needs to sleep."

He turned on the monitor, and we saw her from the kicking legs up. She was dancing with her animals and seemed to be having a fine time--until the music stopped. She still didn't get fussy but she seemed less enthused.

"I'm hoping she'll fall asleep," he said. "She was asleep downstairs, but she woke up when I brought her up. This way, Grayson can make noise downstairs and not wake her up."

Seconds later, we watched a tiny hand slowly stick itself through the bars of the crib. Then we heard, "Hello, sweetie," as the hand patted Penelope. Then there were sounds of struggling, and suddenly, the music from the mobile briefly started up again.

Derrick got up and a moment later, wound the mobile, and returned with Grayson, who began watching the Penelope Show with us. Apparently, he didn't realize you have to wind the mobile. He said, "I tried to turn it on. I was like, 'Is this thing broken?'"

Then Penelope threw the blanket over her head, and I asked, "Is this the end of Penelope?"

It was kind of funny.

Derrick went in again and adjusted the monitor so that it was above her head. Suddenly, all the color washed out, and she stared at us with wide eyes that looked dilated. "It looks like The Blair Witch Project," I said to Grayson, just before realizing that he would have no idea what I was talking about.

It makes me really sad to see her in there without me, though.

She's asleep now, but part of me really wants to go in there and pick her up.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Harry Potter Head

Poor Penelope! She has a big scratch on her head because I scratched her through her onesie while I was trying to take it off. The Horton onesies definitely still fit but the neck and arms are really tight going on and off. Penelope made up for eating so little and spitting up so much yesterday by eating like 400 tons of food today. I finally got her to go to sleep after her bath, around 1:30. She looks like Harry Potter with that bigh scratch on her head.

I freaked myself out during her bath. When I scooted her up, I heard a thunk and thought I banged her head against the bath tub. I was so frustrated and confused and worried. But then she didn't cry at all. She did have kind of a weird look on her face, but I think it's because she wanted to ask, What's wrong, Mommy? Why do you look so freaked out?

So I smiled really big, and then she got all happy again, kicking and splashing. Later I realized the sound I'd heard had been her feet, kicking the front of her little tub.

Downstairs, I had put on Madagascar for background noise, but I had to turn it off because Penelope seemed to feel that it was the best movie she'd ever seen in her whole life and refused to look away from it while it was on.

The Baby Who Will Not Nap

Our sleep sheep finally started shorting out. I'm very surprused that it made it this long, considering how much she uses it when she naps. I brought down the sound machine from upstairs, but not surprisingly, Penelope has already woken up after sleeping just under 30 minutes. I do not understand why some days, she takes a three hour morning nap and other days she'll only sleep 20-30 minutes at a time!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Penelope really scared me today. She wasn't eating well, and she started spitting the milk back out, and her mouth started looking all foamy. Suddenly, I started worrying that she'd somehow been poisoned with ant spray. I called Derrick frantically, and just as he picked up, Penelope made her crazy lips at me. Apparently, she'd been working up all that extra spit to make a really impressive spitty noise. Then she grinned at me. She was very pleased with herself. She's so cute because when she makes her lip noises, she gives you this look like, "Right? Right? I'm doing it, see?"

She's such a cutie.

Just now, Derrick and I were pretending to have an argument, and he said something in this squeaky, outraged voice, and Penelope's mouth dropped open and she stared up at him with these wide, disbelieving eyes, like, "Um, hey, Daddy! That was uncalled for!" She's awfully cute.

She spat up like five hundred times today, but I think it's a combination of heel grabbing, pleasure spitting, and constipation. She's been fine since Daddy's been home. Just before he got here, she even had some tummy time on my tummy. She enjoyed doing push ups, and then looking into my face and going, "AAHHH." It sounded almost like "Hi!" She laughed out loud and really enjoyed it--until suddenly she became infuriated.

She's so moody--just like her mommy.

A Hard Morning

Poor Penelope! We've had such a hard morning. Finally she's sleeping peacefully, so I guess everything is okay. After she ate, she started to make uncomfortable noises at me. I thought maybe she was too full and uncomfortable sitting up, so I laid her on her blanket on the floor and let her play with her keys while we read Goodnight, Gorilla. At first, she was very happy and seemed interested in the idea that she also had keys. But then when we got to the armadillo page, she started crying softly and looking distressed.

"What's wrong, Penelope?" I asked.

She looked up at me, eyes wide in distress and alarm and made an uncomfortable noise. Then she looked nervously at the book.

"It's okay," I told her. "They're nice animals."

Then she spat up a little. After that, she seemed to feel better, so I figured her tummy had been too full.

But then she kept periodically moaning and spitting up. Then she started crying. I was worried that she was sick, but now I think that she was making her tummy sick by playing with her toes too much, like grabbing them and pulling them up as high as she could and not letting go.

After lots of hubbub, I finally just picked her up and held her over my shoulder and she went to sleep. Then I warmed her two ounces of breastmilk, and she drank it all without really waking up.

Hopefully she's not allergic to rice cereal!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cereal Killer

Spit Takes

Butterflies are Free

Mommy's Folly

This post isn't about my recent purchase of Alaska, although I have made a number of alarming purchases recently (basically because our budget allows for no purchases, and yet I keep making them).

Anyway, Pip tried rice cereal for the first time tonight. I was all excited about giving it to her. I mixed it up and let Daddy offer it to her, so that I could take her picture. She spat out the first bite with a look of outrage. She continued to look mad and disgusted throughout the attempt (possibly because I was also taking her picture).

I pretended to take several bites and said, "Umm umm ummm, rice cereal! Mmmm," pointedly chewing and swallowing to show her what to do. Unfortunately, after she'd finished rejecting it, I took a bite for real. "Oh yuck," I said, making a face, without really thinking about it.

Penelope saw that and duly noted it, judging from her reaction.

I felt so stupid! It tastes pretty good plain and grainy on your fingers, but we mixed it in with formula, and I think I just don't like the taste of formula.

Penelope sure does, though. After rejecting the cereal, she got very mad, so I made her a bottle of milk (mostly formula). She sucked that down like it was the last food on earth, and when Daddy took it out of her mouth for a second to adjust her bib or something she really went ballistic.

So apparently, it will be slow going with the rice cereal.

Freaked Out

I play around with the Baby Name Genie all the time. Tonight I entered my last name, and let it select a first and middle name at random without specifying a gender. The first random name it came up with was Austin Jett Rayburn. That seems kind of too close to home for random.

The Escaped Baboons

Last time I was pumping, I was reading all these disturbing news stories online. They were just making me increasingly depressed. Then my sister IMed me on gmail chat and announced:

"baboons attacked a car in britain did you see that its funny the people have one of those cases on top of their car with stuff in itand the baboons run towards the car and figure out how to open it and start throwing their clothes around merrily"

That just cracks me up. What were these baboons doing in Britain, I'd like to know (other than attacking cars)?

Obviously, my sister has a better news source than I do.

Making Lips at Old Macdonald

Penelope is quite a fan of playing on that pink blanket on the floor. She enjoys hearing Good Night, Gorilla that way and is particularly interested in the pictures of the giraffe, who is quite a bit taller (and less pink) than her Giraffe. She's very funny. She spent some time cozying up to the faceless kitty that Merry brought her back from New Orleans today. She seems to have finally accepted him into her menagerie.

Probably her favorite thing to do right now is play "Where's Penelope?" She plays until you almost wish the game had never been invented. When I say, "There she is!" and whip the blanket off her head, she always gives me the biggest, hugest, open-mouthed grin. She's so adorable. She does it every time, like it's really exciting to her.

She also spat up all over me today, just before falling asleep for the nap she's currently taking. I sat her up, and she went, "Uhhh," and then suddenly spat up tons of gross mucuousy milk onto my shirt. I cried, "You just threw up on Mommy!" Apparently, this was hilarious to Penelope who got a devilish smile on her face and even gave me a little chuckle.

When I read Old Macdonald she likes to try to sing along. She kicks her legs and opens her mouth for each new animal. And when I point to Old Macdonald in the center, she always makes her crazy, spitty lips at him--maybe because he's playing the bagpipes and making a weird face, so she thinks he's making the lips at her.

That's become her favorite way to communicate--unfortunately. When she does it with a certain pitch, I always know she's peed. Oh yeah, just before she spat up on me, we were sitting in the chair, and she started to make the lips with the weird sound.

"Did you pee?" I asked.

Silence. This usually means I've guessed right.

I'd just changed her, though. Literally, I'd just sat down with her after changing her. I said, "You must be tricking Mommy. You didn't pee pee already, did you?"

No answer.

I stuck one finger inside her diaper. It was dry.

I said, "Penelope, you didn't pee pee!"

And then at that moment, she started peeing and peeing and peeing. Unfortunately, my finger was still feeling her diaper. Taking it out immediately, I was like, "Penelope! You pee peed all over Mommy!"

Of course, Penelope thought that was highly amusing.

She makes me nervous with those lips, though. She pooped twice yesterday, I think because of all the hot salsa I've been eating. Before I figured that out, I started worrying she was sick. It didn't help that she was making all these crazy spitty lips at me while Derrick was on his conference call. (He's the one who puts her to bed, you see, so even if it's 10:30 and she's exhausted, she won't go to sleep until Daddy comes back after 11:00. She's a creature of habit.)

Her lips were so spitty last night that I worried she'd ingested ant poison and was having a weird seizure. But no. She just likes to get them good and spitty so that they make more noise! She's so crazy!

Mail Run of Doom

Well, Pip and I have had a hard morning. She's asleep in her swing now, still looking thoroughly disgruntled. Regrettably, her bad mood is entirely my fault. Derrick and I have some Netflix movies from before our trip that we no longer want to watch, so I decided to return them. Well, Pip hates the top part of her stroller, so I decided to lay her in it flat, but then I thought it would be a better idea for her to sit up big girl. She enjoyed that, but I couldn't get the straps to fit right, and then she kept slipping down, so I tried to lay it down again, but all that did was explode this big nest of cat hair all over her face. Then I finally manouvered us outside to discover that my house key is missing. Derrick gave it to Keith when he fed our cats while we were gone, but I don't know what happened to it. I'm pretty sure Derrick has it back and put it some place crazy.

Meanwhile, Penelope was very mad, covered in sunshine and cat hair, and slipping down into the abyss as she was, so I took her out of the stroller, changed her clothes, put on her bonnet, and started over. I just carried her to the mailbox. First I spent a hundred years looking around for my key, but finally I decided just to leave the door unlocked since I can see the front door from the mailbox.

Hopefully we will not have any emergencies because the car seat base is in Derrick's car. It's kind of stupid for me to bother with having a car since I have no car seat, but I guess if it were an emergency, I'd call an ambulance and keep my fingers crossed that nobody robbed the house while we were gone.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spitty Lips Cutie Pie

Penelope Rayburn, Lady of Mystery

I just think she looks really cute in these pictures, but she's not actually trying to be mysterious. We're playing "Where's Penelope?"

Fun on the Floor

Penelope was giving me the dirtiest look a while ago when I put her in the swing so I could pump. Then when I finished and came to kiss her as she swung my way, I suddenly realized she had been filling the world's dirtiest diaper. That's back to back days that she's pooped--very surprising, especially because it wasn't just a little. It was a ton!

In less disgusting news, I put a blanket down on the floor after I changed her, one of the new ones Laurel got for her. We read Good Night, Gorilla and Old Macdonald, then played lots and lots of "Where's Penelope?" her new favorite game. She never gets tired of that lately. Yesterday, we were playing in the chair, and she looked just like E.T. (when they dress him up as a ghost and pretend he's Gertie). (E.T. has come up a frightening number of times on this blog!) You play by throwing a blanket over her head, and saying, "Where's Penelope? Where's Penelope?" The second time you have to say it like you really can't find her, and she usually kicks at that point. Then you throw back the blanket and say, "There she is!" and she gives you the hugest smile ever. (Where's Mommy is another popular variation to switch things up.) She will play this game for hours, the way she used to want me to read Old Macdonald.

I thought she was getting tired of her books, but today, she loved Old Macdonald so much that she kicked and laughed every time I made an animal noise. Then she started making this weird sound, and at first I was confused and thought she was upset, but after a while, it became pretty clear that she was actually singing. (She has me for her idea of what singing should sound like, after all, so a weird sound shouldn't be too surprising.)

She thinks Good Night, Gorilla is funny again, probably because now she's good friends with the elephant (but she's terrified of the Quackapotomus). I took some pictures of her, and she decided to start communicating with the camera by making her silly noisy lips at it. She's so cute.

Slippy Pippy Splashes Back

This morning I realized to my horror that I hadn't bathed Penelope since last Wednesday morning. I somehow forgot all about that this weekend. So right after breakfast this morning, we had a bath. Then I changed her into her little mermaid outfit, and we watched the Jungle Book while having a little more milk. Now she's sleeping in her swing.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Grandma and Nelope

Little Einsteins

Penelope and I are watching Little Einsteins. I finally broke down and turned it on for her. She's very excited. She's lying in the jungle, holding giraffe and staring up at it. She loves it. I was trying to avoid TV, but no matter where I took her, she just kept staring at the TV (which was turned off) and griping at me. Now she's totally happy watching Little Einsteins and kicking her legs. This is the first time I've really seen that show. We DVRed it for her the other day. This episode is about Johann Strauss and Andy Warhol's Fish.

She really likes this show. She's dancing. I give up.

Frankie Says Relax

This Morning

Pippy Poopy Tail

Pip just had the world's dirtiest diaper! I left the room very briefly, and she was sound asleep. I returned to find her wide awake and trying to throw herself out of her swing. I picked her up to heat her vegetables, but she was squinking a lot. Then I realized how stinky she was...Man, what a diaper! Other than that, the morning has been pretty uneventful--except the ants are back!!!

Penelope apparently doesn't think all the flattery the French crocodile gives her is one bit excessive. I personally think the crocodile is a bit of a shifty giggolo, but she seems to find him charming and always grabs him and stuffs him into her mouth. She's also very fond of eating monkey--maybe because they are the two smallest. Giraffe she just likes to put over her face, and she nestles into Horton.

Yesterday we went to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince...together. I rode in the front seat and everything. It was crazy. I felt like we were in Natural Born Killers or something, like we were getting away with something major. Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Merry spent a few hours playing with Penelope, and everything worked out fine.

Right now, however, Penelope is really mad about something, and I can't figure out what!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


We're going to see Harry Potter 6 today. Fittingly, my cousin Riley Alexander Baker was born this morning at 8:28! (Fittingly, I say, because of his initials as fans of the Harry Potter books will know.)

I'm very excited for them.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Over She Goes

Penelope: Help me, Mommy!Mommy: Penelope, what happened? Did you roll over?

For the first time in months, Penelope turned over late yesterday afternoon, after Grandma and Aunt Merry left and just before Daddy got home. I'm starting to think the other time was some kind of fluke. She had the magical power to turn over for one day, and then it never happened again. Maybe there was an earthquake I didn't notice.

Anyway, once she got onto her tummy, she was horribly mad and acted like I'd done it to her. Part of the problem is she always gets one arm sort of stuck in a weird position. That happened in Dr. Nichols's office, too.

She also did a super cute thing early yesterday morning. We were playing in the jungle, and she found one of her blankets and threw it over her own face. "Where's Penelope?" I asked, and, on cue, she threw back the blanket and grinned at me. We repeated this game several times. She was so adorable.

Her favorite thing to do right now is make those spluttery lips. She will do that back and forth with me for like an hour. It thrills her so much when she does it right. She gets the cutest little excited grin on her face, I think because it's a form of communication she's been able to master.

The only problem is, with that monomaniacally narrow focus possessed only by babies and mad sea captains, she refuses to do anything else when we play. I'll say, "Hi!" and she'll make the lips at me and grin. She looks so sad when I don't do it back that I have to keep doing it forever. I get sick of it much sooner than she does (which is never).

Friday, July 17, 2009


Penelope has been a squinkledeedee all morning. Right now, she cannot decide if she wants to sleep or not. I hope she keeps sleeping because she's been down less than an hour, and she was so tired! I finally had to let her fall asleep in her swing, yelling at giraffe.

She screamed and whined if I sat her in the chair, changed her, or put her in the jungle. Finally I just set her in the swing, and when I put Giraffe in there with her, she grumbled and griped at him like you wouldn't believe. It was like she was telling him, "Mommy is so mean to make me so sleepy! Don't you agree, Giraffe?"

Finally, she fell asleep (probably because she assumed Giraffe was asleep because he wasn't answering her. She does that with Daddy, too). I'm hiding behind the couch, hoping not to wake her up with my typing!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Penelope: Heeheeehee! I have a sneaky plan! Penelope: Mommy will never find me under all these animals!

Mommy: Penelope, are you under there?

Penelope: Awww! You found me, Mommy!

Penelope: Isn't jungle hide-and-seek fun?