Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This is Why I Love Derrick, But Why I'm Nervous About Trusting His Judgment About Life Decisions

Derrick: I was thinking the other day. Sarah can do anything. She can do anything. But she can't do anything other than that.

Sarah: Yes! But why is that?

Derrick: That's what makes you great!


Penelope and I are looking at calendars. I make Daddy a photo calendar every year for Christmas. In the one for 2007 (with pictures from 2006) Grayson looks so little! Where does the time go?

A Picture from Yesterday

We had just eaten squash, and Penelope was sitting on my lap, playing with the string that connects the lens cap to the camera. I asked her, "Will you smile for Mommy?" This was her response.

My best friend

My best friend is smiling at me over there in the swing. I didn't expect her to wake up from her nap so soon! Surprise, Mommy! She's 's so pretty, though! Her little smile is so heartwarming. She did not much enjoy our walk to the mailbox this morning, I have to say. She was kind of scrunched over again. I tried to show her that hippo, but all she wanted to look at was the noisy machine tilling dirt in the yard across the street from the mailboxes!

Mr. Brown Can Do It, and Penelope Can, Too! (Almost)

Penelope is very vocal today. She really seemed to be trying to make the noises while we read Mr. Brown. She had a pretty decent moo, and mooed throughout the cow page. Then on the next page with the bees, buzz buzz, she said, "Ba ba ba ba!" over and over again. She didn't seem to know what to do with the cork and the horse feet, but then she did a great rooster. Hers went "aaa oooo ooooo ooo" and her owl was also more than passable, "ooo oooo" no "h." When we got to the thunder and lightning page, she really got excited. She made all of her loudest sounds. Then on the next page with the "whisper, whisper" butterfly, Penelope made all the same noises again, only this time very quietly. I was really impressed with her!

Right now she's in her saucer yelling at her keys. I'm not sure what they have done, but she's currently punishing them by smacking them into a cow, so whatever it was, they'll be sorry!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Naughty Penelope!

Earlier, Penelope spat out a mouth full of peas rather pointedly. "Did you spit out your um mum?" I asked indignantly. This is the face she made back at me!

Saucer Girl

Cough! Cough!

Penelope is coughing at me. Earlier, I had something in my throat and coughed. She got very offended and took it personally. Her look was wounded like, "Mommy, we were having such a nice time! Why are you barking at me?" Then she yelled at me.

"It's okay!" I said. "Mommy just said, 'Cough! Cough!'" I said it in the same way I do when she coughs.

Now just a second ago, I coughed again, and Penelope started theatrically coughing back at me. She's such a goofball!


My sneaky little plan of cleaning the house isn't going to work out unless Penelope agrees to do her part and take a nap...

Yet Another Delightful Walk with Mommy

Oatmeal and Prunes!

Penelope was kind of a toodlesquink on our walk--as usual. It was nice and cool today, so she was not as squinchy, but she still refused to see the sights. I sang to her the whole way to the mailbox, which has probably helped me earn the neighborhood reputation of the scary woman whose house you stay away from.

There's a house down the street that has a hippo in the yard dressed like a hippie. I paused to see if Penelope wanted to look at it. She did not.

"Do you see the hippo, Penelope?" I asked her.

Her body language replied, "No, and I don't care to, thank you." She was busy trying to gnaw through her straps (probably part of some devious escape plan).

She did really enjoy the oatmeal and prunes, though. I gave her a taste of the prunes as I was preparing the cereal (and regretted it because she somehow managed to take this teeny tiny bit of a bite and smear prune all over Mommy's shirt. Sometimes I think she creates ex nihilo (but don't tell the Vatican. I'm in enough trouble as it is).

My Toodle

Oh, my toodle doodle is so cute! We just mailed a bunch of thank you notes and sent Wolverine back to Netflix. Then we had some oatmeal and prunes, which I have to say, we enjoyed a lot more than the walk. (The pictures make that pretty clear. I will upload them in a minute.) Right now, I'm trying to eat tuna casserole, and Penelope is trying to hoo. So far, she's doing better than I am!

Thank You!

I can't believe it! I finally found addresses for those thank you notes that have just been sitting on the table for 500 years!

Monday, September 28, 2009

This is What Happens When Daddy Sends Mommy Out for Formula and Diapers

Last night I was so disgusted by my Fantasy Football score this week that I went out for formula and diapers, normally Derrick's thing. For the first time, I drove to the Walmart where he goes to get them. I've ridden past it lots of times on the way to Grayson's house--like 900 times--but with me, that means nothing. Riding somewhere as a passenger is absolutely no guarantee that I will have the slightest clue how to drive there.

Anyway, the baby stuff is way in the back. So on the way I had to pass the clothes. Aren't these panda pajamas cute? I showed them to Penelope last night, and she wanted to eat them right away. She was so excited about them and furious with me when I took them away and threw them in the washing machine. Well tonight she gets to wear them! After we put them on, we went and looked at our refrigerator magnet of the Mama and Baby Panda. Penelope looks at that every time we get our milk--the Mommy Panda and the Penelope Panda. She was very excited to have the pandas on her very own feet!

Another walk. Oh goody.

More Pea Pictures

Eating Pees Again!


Penelope: Mmmmm! Mmmmm! More Um Mum, Mommy!

Hi Aunt Merry!


We spent most of the day at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Penelope was very excited about eating! I couldn't believe it! She ate half a thing of sweet potatoes, half a thing of squash, and a bowl of oatmeal with pears. She still wanted more, but I was all out of food! She's so cute when she eats. Between bites, she always says, "Mmmm!" sometimes as a growl, other times actually making a more musical up-and-down-the-scale type noise.

Later we played with Aunt Merry and Grandpa and then went for a walk! I have lots of pictures.

Right now, I'm scheming up how to clean my house. (I haven't pumped at all yet so far today. Let's see how much longer I can make it!) Not pumping should make it easier to do housework. Strangely, I'm getting kind of excited about that!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Penelope Gets Her Own Controller

Pip was pitching such a fit this morning about not getting to use Daddy's controller that we finally gave her the other one to play with. She really enjoyed that, and within minutes was fiddling with it and staring at the screen. She's so funny. She thinks she can do everything.

Flirting With Mommy

It's really hard for me to stop pumping. I've pumped twice today--once just after the games started, maybe at 12:30, I want to say, and once now (for just seven minutes). Every time I hold Nell, I leak all over everywhere!

It just makes me kind of sad.

By the way, last night I dreamed that we visited the NICU, and Derrick set Penelope down on the floor on this rainbow play mat. "Come see Mommy," I told her, and she stood up and walked over to me. I was floored by that.

"Wow!" I told them. "That's really amazing! She's never done anything like that before!"

In other news, my head barely hurts at all. It feels fine right now. My finger sometimes loses sensitivity based on which way I lean when sitting on the couch and typing, so I'd guess it's a back injury that's responsible for the pinched nerve.
I'm not sure why I was so convinced I was dying. I think it might be because a concussion makes you emotional and irrational. In other words, bruising your brain impairs your judgment. Go figure.