Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Red and Blue (Mommy! Must you take my picture right now???)

Apple Cheeked Beauty


While we were waiting for lunch today, I showed Penelope one of Grandma's apples because she is working on saying, "Apple." Apparently, she was hungry because she just leaned forward and took a big, juicy bite. She's cutting some teeth, so I washed it and let her gnaw on it until dinner was ready. She was especially happy when Grandpa noticed.


Nellie and Daddy Say Cheese!

Hooray! We're Leaving!

Penelope Tries the Black Beans

Tonight for a treat, we went to Pasados (because I stole some coupons that my parents got in the mail). Penelope was doing well in her high chair until the waiter stood between us. Then she flipped out and insisted on sitting in my lap. She seemed spooked by him the entire night, possibly because he was wearing a black, button-up shirt like Father Isidore's, and she was scared he was going to baptize her.

We ordered her a cheese quesedilla with refried black beans. She really loved the beans. I was giving her quesedilla dipped in beans, but she leaned forward and just started scooping them up with her bare hands and cramming them into her mouth by the fistful. Unfortunately, it seems that the beans were a bit spicy.

I have never seen Penelope drink so much water. She kept saying, "Mammam!" (That means she wants a drink of milk or water. "Mummum" means she wants food. "Mama" means she wants me. "MawMaw" means she wants Grandma. These are all quite similar, and it's sometimes hard to tell the difference.)

We liked coloring with red and blue crayons, but then she got really mad at me when I wouldn't let her eat them. She retaliated by eating all the fallen tomatoes off my plate, which was not the best revenge because I wanted her to eat them. (They were red, too, so at least she got to eat something red. Take that, Mommy!)

(This baby on Modern Family is always dressed in clothes Penelope has.)

Then we went outside, and it was windy in the parking lot, and Daddy twirled her around. It was the best time she ever had in her life!

Mommy Sees a Tree But Penelope Sees Birds

Our Walk Yesterday Evening While Waiting For Daddy

Yesterday on the morning walk, I suggested, "Shall we go swing, best friend?" But as we headed that way, I saw a woman with two young toddlers and a baby wheel up to the swings. Turning around, I put forward the revised itinerary that we go home for lunch instead. Penelope let it be known that this revision was not acceptable, so we took some pictures by the trees and looked at the birds while the other children used the baby swings.

When it was our turn to swing, Penelope kept almost jumping out and scaring me to death--because she wanted to look at the two toddler boys who were now on the slide. She kept trying to get their attention in every way she knew how. Unfortunately, their mother (either more shy than I am, or wanting to shy away from a shady character like me in particular) pointedly wanted nothing to do with us.

When we left, we went across the cloverfield because Penelope likes to go that way. She kept looking over her shoulder and laughing. When we got across the street and were heading home, she kept turning around in the stroller and waving.
Not hearing the children any more, I asked, "Who are you waving to?"
"Guh," she said.
As I was trying to figure out what she meant, I turned and realized Grover had fallen out in the cloverfield. Instead of mentioning this, Penelope just assumed he wanted to stay there. "Bye Bye, Grover!"
So we went back for him.
These pictures are from the evening. Derrick didn't get home until closer to six, so we hung around waiting for him.

Hamlet 2

Yesterday Derrick and I were very surprised to get Hamlet 2 from Netflix. I think I dimly recall adding it (with ten thousand things) to our queue when we signed up. I seem to remember it was unavailable at the time, so I guess when it became available, they moved it straight to the top of the list for us. We ended up watching it (with not very high expectations), but actually it turned out to be pretty good, though kind of strange.

Penelope and I are heading over to Grandma's this afternoon. We just enjoyed a little milk, a little toast, a little One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (she only likes about five minutes at a time), and now we're watching her show and preparing (each in our own way) to change her diaper in a minute.

Also, I think I've figured out why Penelope thinks "naughty" is a compliment. In the book Dear Zoo, the little monkey is sent back for being "too naughty," and we both agree that he's the cutest one. So she must think "naughty" means "adorable like the little monkey."

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Walk

Backyard Baby

Penelope loves to go in the backyard and bang on the satellite dish. No wonder our reception isn't so great (just kidding). She's so cute. She prefers to watch TV lounging on her butterfly. But then she gets up and crawls around the room and plays, of course. Right now she's hugging the reindeer Nanny and Papa got her for Christmas.
She is also fascinated by red and blue. Last night, I asked her, "Which one is red?" and pointed to the stars in her teether. She picked up the entire teether and held it to her eyes.
Derrick laughed. He was like, "Just a minute, Mommy. Let me see."
But she's doing that because Grandma holds those color paddles up to her eyes. She's so funny! Right now she's tuning up with the Sesame Street crowd, preparing to sing with Gladys the cow, "Moomoomoomoomooo!"

Monday, March 29, 2010

Kangaroo Bop-huh

We're going to need to buy some scuba gear soon if Penelope's fascination with turning on the faucet during our bath continues. She's so funny. At lunch, a kangaroo was hopping across her tray.

"Bop Bop Bop," said the kangaroo.

"HHHHop HHHHop HHHop," I suggested.

"Bop-huh, Bop-huh, Bop-huh!" amended the kangaroo, trying his best.

She also seems to say Ma when she means Me. She read the word off the screen today during the Charlie Chaplin mirror thing. At least I hope she means me. Otherwise she thinks Madeline Kahn is her mother because she says it during the clip where she says, "Me," too!

While we walk, she's gotten in the habit of throwing forward her arm and yelling, "OP!" as we approach a stop sign. We practice stop and go a lot. We also read "The Coves" every day. It makes her very happy. She thinks the alphabet is some kind of secret club for cool kids.


This blog is messed up. I can't get the pictures to appear, though it claims to upload them. Who knows!

My Walk with Smudgy Fingers

Sometimes the middle of my keyboard goes dead until I push 4545454 over and over again. Once they work, the keys diagonally down from them work, too. So weird! We're about to take a bath! I wish I had a picture of us swinging, but that's too dangerous! She laughed and laughed and squealed. Then during lunch, she was singing along in a silly way with Madeline Kahn's "fiddle diddle dee" during the echo song.

Easter Vigil

I'm pretty sure we're going to try to take Penelope to the Easter Vigil. (This is basically my desperate attempt to make sure we do not miss mass on Easter because of her zanily unpredictable sleep habits.) She's always awake and ready for a night on the town at 8:00 in the evening.

Surely she'll have a huge meltdown before it's over, but we'll give it a good college try, anyway.

Penelope is so cute. She's standing next to me looking at the pictures I'm uploading to Kodak. She's gotten to the point where if she remembers what happened in the photos and she enjoyed it, she'll laugh and point and "comment."

Meanwhile, my eye is all red this morning but my face doesn't hurt, and the eye is not bothering me that much except for being all red. You can't have everything, I guess.


Penelope is currently obsessed with the Pocahontas board book she got for Christmas from Nanny and Papa Harley. Last night she found it and brought it to me. "That's Pocahontas," I told her.

To my surprise, she tried to say it back. She was really intent on learning to say it. The closest she got was "Pohpoh mama?" but she offered it as a question like that. Even she didn't think that sounded quite right.

I'd say, "Pocahontas?" and she'd go, "Puh, Puh." She'd look down and pat the P. Then she'd look up at me quizzically, like, "Yes, Mommy, I see the Puh myself, but where are you getting this ahontas business?"

Derrick woke up to offer that he didn't think you should poke a hontas because you might make it mad.

"She doesn't know what a hontas is," I said.

"She'll probably find out if she pokes it," he said wisely.

Possibly she was stalling because I was attempting (badly) to put her to bed at this time.

But this morning the Pocahontas love continues. Penelope keeps staring at the cover of the book and trying to make a similar expression to Pocahontas's. Maybe it's a good sibling name...

Penelope & Pocahontas...

Or maybe we could call her Rebecca.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Mommy Snaps


So today I didn't take Claritin, and my eye and face stopped hurting--but now my throat hurts... So...

Mom said, "Maybe you're allergic to Claritin." But I started taking it in the first place because my eye was red! Who knows! She also loaned us some king sheets because ours are dark red, and I started wondering if perhaps I don't tolerate that particular dye well.

Mom said she expected Penelope to be reciting the Gettysburg address when we came today for a delicious late lunch/early dinner of grilled chicken, cauliflower au gratin casserole, mashed potatoes, and peas. (Penelope particularly liked the peas. When one got stuck in her porcupine she was pretty upset with that porcupine until she got it back from him.)

She didn't talk very much--well not many words, hardly any, other than "red" and some names. However, she seemed really determined to dominate the conversation and babbled and jabbered CONSTANTLY, particularly when I was trying to talk.

Vrooom Vrooom Cheetah

Penelope spent the early afternoon (before we went to Grandma's to dine and dye), driving her cheetah around the room. I never knew before listening to her that cheetahs go "vroom vroom."

Penelope Shows Mommy Red

Grandma: That's red, Mommy.
Penelope: Red!
Penelope (Just now looking at the picture): Red!