Thursday, December 18, 2014

Penelope Says

November 17th

Penelope: I finally know what I want for Christmas!
Me: Oh you do? That's good! What?
Penelope: A fairy!
Me: A fairy?!
Penelope: Yes, a real fairy.
Me: Where am I supposed to get a real fairy?
Penelope: Oh you don't have to get it. The fairy will come!

Well that should save us some money this Christmas!
8:28 am

November 18th

Penelope: The sun is ghost saliva.
Me: Really?
Penelope: Yep. It's nothing but a big, yellow ball of ghost saliva.
5:15 pm

November 26th

While making apple pie…

Gray: Nellie, listen. (Bangs the kitchen tool so it vibrates, holds it to her ear)
Penelope: Whoa!!
Gray: Hear it?
Me: Do you hear the ocean?
Penelope: It sounds like blue coolness ragin' in the black!

3:23 pm

November 28th

Penelope's Idea of a Thanksgiving Feast:

9:06 am

November 30th

No comment

5:21 pm

December 1st

Penelope (who told me yesterday she wanted me to pack her lunch in her old Hello Kitty lunchbox instead of her new Frozen one, at a completely random moment from the back seat): This is the trouble with having two lunchboxes. I always want the other one!
7:34 am

December 6th

Penelope: (ripping off her plague mask, in a harsh, deep voice) Now I'm an ugly girl. (putting the plague mask back on, in a sweet, ringing tone) Before, I was a beaaaauuuutiful monster!
2:34 pm

Penelope (as she and Gray fight with giant walking sticks, in a creepy, scary voice): I'm going to get you. I'm going to destroy you. I am a bad monster who eats boys, and I'm going to eat you all up. I have one eyeball because I eat my own eyeballs. (in her voice) What boy are you? In the game, what's your guy's name?
Grayson: They call me Ash. My full name is Asher. Asher...Chad.
Penelope: And I'm Alison, Alison...Mango.
2:40 pm

Penelope insisted I take a picture of this beautiful jello she and Grandma made for dinner. She's very proud of it.

6:41 pm

December 12th

Look what Penelope made in art class!

3:47 pm

December 13th

Penelope (as the rest of us take a break from trimming the tree for a few minutes): Come on! We have to finish this! Who is going to help me?
Grandma: Let's wait. We don't have to do it all at once.
Penelope: Yes we do! We have to be all finished before it's Christmas Day, and you know how slow we are around here!
1:32 pm

Almost done...

8:27 pm

Tinsel Hangers

"Now look excited."

8:36 pm

December 14th

Penelope: (headbanging along to a new song on Derrick's playlist) Wooooooooooooooo! This is right up my alley! Love it! Wowwwww!
3:58 pm

"Oh I forgot my crackers in my bag. I wish I had them so we could have a party."
3:59 pm


4:31 pm

December 15th

Penelope (as I drive her home from school, singing): S-A-N-T-A, and Santa is his name-o!
Me: Oh that's a cute song.
Penelope: Today big kids came to put on a show for us. They sang Christmas songs to us. It was just wonderful. They were really doing their best job. They sang us this beautiful song about Baby Jesus. It was so lovely, I started swaying, and I closed my eyes, and I almost fell asleep!
6:23 pm

December 17th

The Christmas Maniac!

4:49 pm