Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mix Matched Cherry

Gypsy Dress Base

So this is what I will be wearing as the base of my costume to Merry's wedding--provided that it fits when the time comes.  (This link may take you to the wrong dress.  Let me try again.  It's the deep sea colored one.  I think they changed the order of the dresses since I made the link.  Well, I tried again, and I can only seem to link to the body style.  But it's the deep sea colored dress in that body style.)


So you'll never believe this, but finding Penelope an outfit for Merry's wedding this summer is proving more difficult than I'd anticipated. Where are all the pretty vintage-circus themed elephant costume dresses, anyway? Actually, I think I'm going to get her this pretty aqua-colored dress and then an elephant mask/ears to go with it. I had envisioned a papier-mâché-ish mask bedazzled with antique looking jewels, but that  appears to exist only in my imagination.

I'm thinking about getting this dress, and then having her wear it with an elephant mask/ears and potentially long gray or aqua gloves with the fingers painted like elephant feet.  I think that would be really charming.

Now on to the Ring Bear costume.  Merry told us Gray doesn't necessarily need a tux, but I have no idea what to put him in--other than a bear mask.  Googling "circus bear suit" does not necessarily yield the great results you would imagine.  I think it would be cute to get him a vintage tux with shorts and then find bear legs--like fuzzy legs and feet.

Meanwhile, I have to find a fortune teller dress.  I thought that would be easy, but the hitch is that I have no idea what size I'll be--probably ginormous.  Also, I want it to be both pretty and unique.  I'm not great at shopping for stuff like this.

Yesterday I had an appointment with the OB where I saw a nurse practitioner who was extremely nice.  She measured my belly with a tape measure, and apparently the uterus is right on track.  Gideon's heartbeat was 162 which seemed high to me since it's usually in the 150s, but they said that was normal.  He's very active.  He moves all the time.  She also asked us about cord blood banking and circumcision.  We'd had vague plans to bank Penelope's cord blood, but we never got the opportunity.  In fact, they used her umbilical stump for IVs for as long as they could.  I think after it finally fell out they had to put in the pic line, something like that.

My urine was normal, and my weight was 217.  My belly is absolutely huge.  I look like I'm 24 years pregnant.  But I'm actually three pounds lighter than I was in mid-November at the beginning of the pregnancy--probably because all my muscles have atrophied for all I know.

Last night I could not get comfortable.  I had to pee like three thousand times, plus my right shoulder was so sore and my left leg kept going completely numb.  I need to find something to wear other than these purple and white striped drawstring pajama pants.  I just ordered some black and gray yoga pants, so we'll see how that goes.  I'm not sure where to get shorts.  Plus sized maternity is tricky.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Peach Blossoms & Bees

Photo by Penelope

Mommy (24 weeks, 5 days) and Rosie (a cat)

Penelope Says

March 22nd

Getting Squeaky Clean for School Tomorrow

9:08 pm

March 23rd

Mom: Gosh, there's lightning in the sky!
Dad: (whips his head around) Where?!
Mom: (as if it's obvious) In this game.
Dad: Oh. I thought you meant in reality. I guess the game is reality to you.
Mom: (as if he hasn't said anything) Ooh! Now I just heard thunder, too!
1:05 pm 

Hooray for Spring!

4:26 pm

Penelope: My best friend doesn't ever get afraid. I want to make her overcome her fear.
Grandma: What do you mean?
Penelope: I want to help her overcome her problem.
Grandma: You want to make it so she does get afraid?
Penelope: Yes, like everybody else.
Grandma: I see. So what you're saying is, you want to make her overcome by fear.
5:50 pm

March 24th

Dad (on the phone with Merry): Raccoons are evolving so quickly.
Merry: (on speaker phone) Yeah, they are! They're taking over, Dad.
Dad: I'm okay with that, but if they attack me and mine, they've got to go.
3:23 pm

March 25th

"Can you post the ones that work out on facebook? And say, 'Penelope's Talented Dog!'"

4:16 pm

Penelope: Now take a picture of him and put it on facebook.
Me: Okay, but you stand next to him.
Penelope: Can I stand proud?

4:19 pm

Penelope and Her Talented Dog

4:24 pm

What a talented dog!

4:28 pm

March 26th

Mom is trying to clean up the living room, but Penelope draws about 300 pictures every afternoon and always notices when one is missing. How could we possibly part with the house of windows? Also for some reason, she seriously has about fifteen drawings of HEB.

12:26 pm

Mysterious Bubble Creature Emerges

8:28 pm

Penelope (out of nowhere): Now this is probably going to sound weird to you...maybe gross...but I just have a feeling that aliens might use their butts to smell.
Me: That is gross. Why do you think that?
Penelope: Because they might have a nose in their butt cracks. We don't know.
8:40 pm

Penelope: Today my teacher chopped us into vegetables.
Me: Why did she do that? As part of a story? As part of a lesson?
Penelope: To teach us a lesson! (Obviously lying) She chased us around the classroom and hit us with a pork stick!
Me: She hit you with a pork stick? What is that?
Penelope: It's like a fork, but it's made of metal.
Me: So it's exactly like a fork?
Penelope: But you use it on pigs. What do you call the big fork on a farm?
Me: Oh a pitchfork?
Penelope: Yes she chased us with a pitchfork and a knife and chopped us into vegetables. Mom, are you listening? And she also revealed that she has powers.
Me: So your teacher is a witch?
Penelope: No, she's a wizard and I'm a goblin.
Me: You're not a goblin.
Penelope: I never said I was. I told you I was a human. I said it to your face.
Me: You didn't say it to my face! I just got here.
Penelope: (slurring her words) I have an X-ray machine.
Me: Are you okay?
Penelope: I'm drinking wine!
Me: You're drinking wine??? (Looking at her) You're drinking bath water out of a chicken!!
Penelope (drinking from a squirt toy): I'm drinking chicken wine!
Hopefully she won't tell people anybody around here is chasing her with a pork stick!
9:00 pm

March 27th

Apparently somebody was feeling patriotic last night.

11:35 am

Me (reading a nursery rhyme): I had a little husband, no bigger than my thumb.
Penelope: (suddenly noticing) She HAD a little husband. (In an ominous singsong) She doesn't have him now.
Me: Very astute of you. What do you think happened to him?
Penelope: She stomped on him.
10:28 pm

March 28th

So I am 24 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and Penelope claims to be 80 weeks pregnant, but I don't believe her, do you?

 9:31 am

Penelope's Riddle: I'm white as white. I'm cold as night. I'm bright as daylight.
I could have sworn that there was a part in there about being as something as breath (because that's how I guessed the answer) but she is adamant that's not a part of it.
7:17 pm

Me: Okay, here is my riddle...

I have three brothers,
and two of them are sometimes rather like me,
but the third is very different.
I am close to two of my brothers, but I never see the third.
The brother I never see is distant and very cold.
He never has anything to do with me.
We are not alike at all.
I am not exaggerating when I say I am the brightest of my brothers.

Penelope (after guessing a while): A lamp?
Me: No. It's not a lamp.
Penelope: Well I've said the sun, the moon, the stars. I'm trying to guess something bright.
Me: Well, those are all bright, but they are not the answer.
Penelope: Is it Benjamin Franklin? He was bright.
Me: No, he was bright, but it's not Benjamin Franklin.
Derrick: So it's a set of four...
Me: It is a set of four.
Penelope: Hmm. Is it a set of four goats?
Me: So it's either Benjamin Franklin or a set of four goats?
8:50 pm

March 29th


3:37 pm

Penelope and Her Eggs

3:39 pm

Penelope Loves Dyeing

4:01 pm

Me (noticing what Nellie is coloring): Oh that's pretty!
Penelope: It's my wish!
Me: Aww! You wish for a puppy?
Penelope: No, I wish that my best friend and I meet the Easter Bunny and that we have our own house together!

6:21 pm

Penelope helped pack her lunch. Can you tell?

6:28 pm

Derrick: I guess I decided to beast mode the ice cream.
Penelope (whispers urgently in my ear) Post that to Grandma!

6:40 pm

March 30th

Derrick: Your appointment starts now.
Me: I know, but I have to get this picture.
Derrick: It will be here when you get out.
Me: It might not.
Derrick: The tree won't be here?
Me: The tree will, but the bee might not be.
Derrick: THAT bee might not be here.
Me: But I wanted a picture of THAT bee.

11:15 pm

Derrick: See? The bee is still there.
Me: Well we don't know it's the same bee.
Derrick: It is. His name is George.
Me: Oh look he brought a friend just to make my picture better. Thank you, George!

11:58 pm

Derrick: I think you'll like this song. It's called Cassy O'.
Me: Oh, is it about Othello?
Derrick (confused): What? No.
Me: Oh I just wondered because I don't know any other guys named Cassio...except maybe some calculators.
Derrick: No, it's Cassy O. Like saying the name Cassy and then O.
Me: Oh like a girl's name?
Derrick: Yes.
Me: I guess Cassio's name is Michael, anyway.
1:07 pm