Thursday, April 30, 2015

That Awful Drink

I was supposed to have an MFM appointment today at 11:00, but my doctor was out sick, so I'll see her tomorrow at 11:00 instead.  Meanwhile, Dr. Mills suggested Tuesday that I drink the glucose drink while at MFM, then after the blood draw, come to her office for another rhogam shot.  I decided to go ahead and get the drink/shot out of the way today, reasoning that MFM will likely be crazy busy tomorrow because my doctor was out.  I was already worried about how to time the drink.

I had planned not to eat yogurt the day of the test, to eat broccoli first and then yogurt later. know...that didn't work out.  We were out of broccoli, and Dr. Mills said not to take it fasting, definitely to eat.  So I ate yogurt at 9:00, followed immediately by water, a glass of milk, a tortilla with melted cheddar cheese, and a (very) few potato chips.  I was done eating by 9:30 and drank the drink at 10:51.  We'll see what happens.  I guess if I have to take the three hour, I'll do it.

I felt wretched about being forced to consume 50 grams of glucose until I realized that the bottles of applejuice I drink occasionally (like maybe once a week) contain 49 grams of sugars.  As long as I have no candy or sweets or juice or whatever for the rest of the day, it will probably be fine.  (See, I just don't get it.  Nine out of ten days, I only drink water and milk.  And even when I drink applejuice, I drink one with a meal and then I try to avoid other conspicuous sugars that day.)  So if I do have gestational diabetes, the test for it is likely to make me sick, while the diet I follow normally would not.

My little vice I've indulged in this pregnancy is eating Sour Patch Kids.  They have no nutritional value, but I find them so satisfying.  (But I don't eat the red ones to avoid the dye.)  To compare to the drink, I would have to eat 30 in five minutes.  I eat more like five in twelve hours...on the days that I eat them (which occur completely at random).

Oh well, it's time to get Nellie now.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

29 Weeks

I'm 29 weeks today.  I shouldn't have called this post that because I'm actually planning to write about Penelope's trip to the dentist.  She had to go in today to get a mold of her teeth made and to try on some rings and bands.  It was supposed to take half an hour.  It didn't.

The hygienist making the mold was extremely perplexed that Penelope kept gagging before she got the device in her mouth.  As a result, the compound hardened before she could get her teeth pressed down into it.  After two failed tries, she got the brilliant idea to ask Penelope to lift her leg through the entire procedure.  "Why didn't I think of that the first time?" she wondered.  It actually worked.  Focusing on lifting the leg kept Penelope distracted enough that the nurse could get the mold in her mouth and make the impression.  Of course, she also got the quick-hardening pink stuff all over her tongue, her lips, her face--even under her chin somehow.  Penelope was very good and patient through all of this.  She did her best to be compliant, but she couldn't help her gag reflex.

After that, the nurse showed us an example of the device Penelope will be getting.  I was worried it would make it harder for her to speak, but apparently it won't.  It might make flossing a little trickier.  I'd attempt to describe it, but I think given my description skills of three dimensional objects, it would make more sense just to wait two to three weeks until it's actually installed in her mouth and then take a picture of it.

We're eating dinner early because Derrick has class tonight, so I've got to go for now.

Yesterday I saw Dr. Mills, and tomorrow I see Dr. DeStefano.  I also have to drink that glucose drink tomorrow and get a rhogam shot.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Not Scary

Celery Brain Games


Blood on the Wall

The Kite Almost Soars

Go Fly a Kite

First Try at the Kite

The Second "Flight" of Our Kite

My Beautiful Bird

I never use photoshop, really.  I have several reasons.  1) Opening it takes forever and tends to make my computer unstable. 2) I think if you have a good camera and a decent eye, most of your pictures should turn out without the need for photoshop 3) I take too many pictures to make using it practical 4) Because I never use it, I'm not very good with it, so my photos look weird when I use it. 5) I like to capture the actual moment, not the enhanced moment.

But today I was playing around with it because Penelope took several pictures of me trying to help Derrick launch the kite just as my pants started falling down.  I have no idea why my pants kept falling down yesterday.  I wore the same pants to fly the kite the day before, and they never fell down at all.  Yesterday, they kept constantly falling down.  So I tried to fix some of those photos with photoshop, and it only took like ten seconds.

Since photoshop was open, I tried to fix the color of a pretty bad shot I took of a mockingbird.  The photo itself is fine, but it was evening, and the bird was deep inside a tree, so the color, of course, was horrible.  But I snapped the picture I could get anyway because that's what I do for fun.  (Yesterday we took a second stab at kite flying on the way from taking Gray home.  It was totally spur of the moment.  We just tried because it seemed so windy--and it was windy, but the wind kept constantly changing directions, so it didn't work out so well, either.  After we put the kite away, Derrick watched Penelope on the playground, while I chased a male and female cardinal nearby.  After I finally gave up on them, I found this mockingbird.)

Anyway, I kind of like the picture I created from my horrible photograph, and I'm now thinking I should paint it, then take a photograph of the photo and the painting side by side, then hang that photograph.

It also gives me an idea for some art projects to try with Penelope.

Penelope Says

April 15th

Gideon was all curled up in a ball this morning with his little feet pressed up against his nose!

11:49 am

"The Old Man of the Sea."

9:38 pm

Penelope (just out of the bath, rhythmically beating various parts of her body): I'm playing my drums!
Me: You sure do like to drum!
Penelope: Well, I just now got my instruments clean!
9:41 pm

April 16th

Me: This reminds me of how we go for a walk.
Penelope: Um yes, and I know which one of us is Biscuit. (Very pointed look at me.)
Me: Oh me with my camera?
Penelope: Uh huh.

2:43 pm

I'm writing a D&D campaign (for the first time ever) because we play with the kids on weekends (and I love it. It's so much like writing a murder mystery dinner). Penelope helped me out by drawing a map of a lair and brainstorming a list of some treasures we might find there.

4:48 pm

Lately when I lie on my side in bed, Gideon's favorite thing to do is punch or kick the place where my belly touches the mattress as hard as he can. It's like he's trying to figure out, "Why does it feel different over here?"
10:01 pm

April 17th

A set of onesies I saw on the BabyGap website inspired us to do a google image search on the paintings of Henri Matisse...

Penelope: Oh there's another naked lady.
Me:Yes, that's another one, all right. But they're not all naked ladies. Some of them are...
Penelope: (interrupts wisely) Half naked?
3:36 pm

Ladybug in the Apple Tree

6:39 pm

Birds in the Rain

6:40 pm

Penelope (jubilantly running through the room): Come on! Let's play kill Grayson!
Grayson: (pensively) Hmm...that doesn't sound very me.
Penelope: (bargaining) Okay, well how about if we call it Kill Each Other? (Runs up and jumps on his back) Come on! Let's play kill each other!!!
Gray: Well can I at least go get some juice first?
(Moments later)
Penelope: (running up to him) Come on! Kill Each Other starts in 3-2-1... (hastily remembers and adds) after your juice!
7:07 pm

April 18th

Derrick: In the center of the room you see three creatures that look like this...
Penelope (as the image pops up): I know that! That's a ghoul!
(We discuss leaving but realize one of us has been seen.)
Me: I have a question. Are ghouls afraid of fire?
Derrick: Roll me a d20 for a history check.
(Moments later)
Penelope (laughs wickedly, almost sounds like Elmer Fudd): I found out!
Derrick: (confused) What?
(We look and discover she's gotten the monster manual.)
Penelope: I looked it up!
Derrick: Don't go metagaming on me now!

 12:59 pm

Penelope: Can I use my sword even though it has light on it right now?
Us: Yeah.
Penelope: Can I actually go up to one, and...
Derrick: Yeah, you can move up to 30 ft.
Penelope: So I'm going to try to... (interrupts herself in horror) No! No! I can't do that!!!!!!
Derrick: Why not?
Gray: You can.
Penelope: No, if I get close the ghouls will eat me!
Derrick: It will probably be fine...
Penelope: (in absolute horror) Nonononono! I'm throwing my javelin!
(When the encounter is over.)
Penelope: Well thank goodness none of them ate me...because they would have eaten MY flesh because I'm the only human!
Me: Well they could have eaten any of us because we're all humanoid.
Penelope: Oh.
1:11 pm

Grayson: How does the ghoul die, Nellie? What's his animation?
Penelope: He falls to the ground, bleeding out of his mouth.
Grayson (winces): Wow, you have a gruesome system.
Derrick: Do you want to go and get your javelins back?
Penelope: Yes. (Adds in a low, gruesome voice) And they'll be bloody.
1:32 pm

Penelope (holding a small black and gray football to her chin, in an old voice): Hello Grayson, my grandson. Did you see my football beard?
Gray (with a brown football on his chin): I'm stroking my luscious football beard.
Me: You guys are weird.
Gray: It runs in the family. The weirdness is strong with our family.
2:04 pm

Grayson (suspiciously): Did you wash your hands?
Penelope (indignantly): YES! (As if asking a rhetorical question) DO YOU THINK I WASHED MY HANDS?
Grayson (with a grin): Um, no.
Penelope: (in outrage) I just went to the bathroom!!!!! I PEED IN THE TOILET!
Gray: Um, TMI.
Penelope: (as if it should be obvious) And THEN I washed my hands!
2:51 pm

Fun in the Backyard

5:22 pm

Penelope: (trying to wrestle Grayson): Little boy, I'm going to arrest you because I'm a grown-up...who eats flesh.
Grayson: (thrown by this last bit) What?
(Penelope giggles)
Gray: Man, you're gruesome!
8:22 pm

Penelope: Let me arrest you, sonny boy. I can be your parent because I am your father.
Gray: What?! But you're a girl. So how would that work? Are you a girl father?
Penelope: No, I'm your mother actually. I killed your father! Now let me arrest you!
(After a struggle)
Penelope: Let me arrest you! I'll call your father!
Me: I thought you killed his father!
Penelope: I married someone else. (explaining patiently) I had to quit going to work, and someone else had to take my place because I had to go out and meet someone else to marry because I was so lonely because of my mean, mean son...
Grayson: I'm not mean. You're the one trying to arrest me! You're not my mother. And you're not a police officer. You got drunk and hit your head...
Penelope: No! I'm not drunk! (explaining patiently) I'm crazy.
8:29 pm

Penelope: Sonny, this is hard to say, but you are not my son anymore. I'm sorry. But you are not my son!
Grayson: (pretends to cry half-heartedly, adds as she walks away) Yea!
Penelope: (whipping her head around) WHAT?! (growls) I am a cop, and you are not my son.
8:34 pm

April 19th

Gray's new D&D headquarters

12:23 pm

Penelope (who has climbed into the front seat while Derrick is in the store): Ooh. This air is wonderful. Up here it just blows you from everywhere! Back there we only get to choose where we point the thing. You can see how Gray has his.
Me: It's weird that you never get to sit in the front seat. When I was your age, I got to ride in the front seat sometimes, but they changed the law.
Penelope (wisely): Times have changed over the years. Back in the old days, I have heard that there weren't even carseats.
Me: It's true. When I was little, I never had a carseat. By the time Aunt Merry came along, there were carseats.
Penelope: (examining the steering wheel): That is just amazing to me. How did you operate the steering mechanism? It must have been very hard to see over this windshield without a seat!
Me (realizing): Oh no! I meant carseats like the booster you ride in. The car did have seats.
5:15 pm

Penelope: This is me when I'm a grown up. I'm the mommy, and my little girl is two. We're making Christmas cookies. I'll let you come and visit at Christmas time. You can be the grandma. You can come and visit until you die.

6:53 pm

You will never believe who wandered into our backyard!

7:37 pm

Backyard in the Evening

 8:02 pm

April 20th

Penelope (out of nowhere): It's hard to play hide-and-seek with the wind.
Grandma: It is? Why?
Penelope: Because you can find him...easily! He hides everywhere!
4:37 pm

In the wildflowers...

4:40 pm

Me: Penelope, will you take a picture of me in the flowers?
Penelope: Of course, Mom. (Takes about a zillion pictures)
Me: Did it take the picture?
Penelope: Oh, I've taken several pictures. But this last one is going to be just perfect.

5:02 pm

Penelope: When people see me, they'll just assume this is my car because I'm sitting in the front seat, (chuckles) and they'll think that I'm a grown up since I'm wearing these sunglasses.

5:25 pm

April 21st

Here's the elephant hat we found, Merry. What do you think?

3:26 pm

Penelope: (sighs) Mom, [boy at school] is so exasperating to me. For one thing, he flirts so weird. He does the weirdest stuff. I don't know why he thinks that will be a good idea if he's trying to make me like him. I can't take much more of his weirdness. (Rolls eyes) But he's not my boyfriend anymore, so...Mom, when you grow up and meet the man you will fall in love with, he'll know how to flirt better than that, right?
Me: Yes, usually.
Penelope: That's good because I would hate to be twenty-four years old and have someone come up behind me and pretend to put my hair into a ponytail and expect me to like marry him or something.
(A bit later)
Penelope: Mom, the thing is [that boy] doesn't ever think about other people. He only cares about me and him, but he only wants me to play what he wants to play, and he doesn't listen to what I tell him. And all he ever wants to talk about is Star Wars. And poor [her best friend]. He never thinks about her. He just ignores her like she's not even a person. And he never ever wants to play with other people. He only wants to play with me and his friends who are all BOYS! But the man who wants to marry me won't be like that, right, because men are different when they grow up?
Me: Most people mature as they grow up.
Penelope: Good because that is not attractive!
9:46 pm

Penelope (after a rant about the exasperating boys in her class has evolved into a theoretical discussion about appropriate/inappropriate behaviors, when to tell on people, appropriate/inappropriate touching): Mom, remember those papers you had to fill out at the beginning of the year to make sure you weren't a bad person so you could come volunteer in my class?
Me: Yes.
Penelope: I was just thinking. What if somebody was a bad person? Surely they wouldn't say so on the papers if they were planning to do something bad. Like what if it asked, "Do you touch kids inappropriately," and they checked no, but really the answer was yes? I don't think the school has thought about this.
Me: Well, you're right. Most people who intend to do something illegal won't admit it. But that's not how those papers work, Penelope. The school doesn't just take your word for it. They perform a criminal background check to see if you've committed a serious crime.
Penelope: What's that?
(I explain.)
Penelope: Yes, but someone who was really a criminal might even fool the police. What if they didn't want people to find out what they had really done, so they changed their name and moved far away and made their hair another color and pretended to be a new person and got a new driver's license? I'm sure there are ways to do that.
10:01 pm

Penelope: Mom, I'm glad we can talk about stuff like this. Can we keep talking about this?
Me: What made you think of these questions?
Penelope: Well the other day while Daddy went into the store and you and I were waiting in the car, I was imagining when I'm a grown up. I thought what if I go to the grocery store when I'm 24 years old, and some man who is my own age comes up and touches me in a private place? I won't be a kid, so it's not a crime, so what can I do?
Me: No, no. No one has the right to touch you in a private place without your permission or to touch you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable no matter how old you are.
(We have a long discussion.)
Penelope: Let's keep talking about this stuff okay? Because if any of these things happen, you're probably not going to be there with me, so I want to know exactly what to do, so can I keep asking you questions?
Me: Of course. You can always ask me anything you want.
Penelope: So what if I'm a grown up, so I have my own car, but it breaks down on the side of the road. What if a man comes and fixes it for me...but then he touches me an inappropriate place?
(We discuss this.)
Penelope: There are more things I can think up. I want to be prepared. So say I grow up and meet a man who actually knows how to flirt, and we fall in love and get married and I'm so happy...but then it turns out that he's trying to murder me.
Me: You should call the police.
Penelope: I do, but they don't believe me because he changed his name so he could take our kids on field trips, so the police don't know about his other wives he already murdered in another place. Would it be appropriate for me to move back in with you and Daddy?

The closer it gets to bedtime, the more alarming hypothetical situations Penelope can think up, apparently.
10:51 pm

April 22nd

I'm 28 weeks today and find myself wondering what in the world Gideon thinks about in there. When Penelope was his age, she was already born and definitely showed a sentient flicker and subtle signs of a distinct personality very early on. So what does he do all day and night in the darkness of the womb? And what does he dream about? We used to wonder about that all the time in the NICU when we'd watch Penelope sleep. I remember when I first started kangarooing her, I'd stroke her and talk to her, and she'd look up into my face intently as long as she could. She'd try so hard to stay awake and look at me. And then she'd finally fall asleep. Babies are mysterious.
1:01 pm

Maybe it's just me, but I have the feeling this mockingbird does not appreciate my admiration.

1:37 pm

All the birds are going crazy today for some reason, but this is the one I'd least enjoy being trapped in a conversation with.

7:22 pm

Penelope discovered this ladybug on our cactus.

7:24 pm

Lots of yelling in the backyard...

7:26 pm

April 23rd

Penelope: When we were playing tag, we had a ball to tag people with, and when it was my turn, [her ex-boyfriend] was yelling, "Me! Me! Me!" But I didn't tag him because if you yell "me, me, me," you don't get chosen.
Me: Is that how they told you to play?
Penelope: No, I was just trying to be like a teacher.
3:02 pm

Penelope: (who has a headache) There's a wave, a tornado, glass breaking, and a man digging in my forehead.
9:00 pm

April 24th

Penelope: Come on! Get my tuna! Come on! I have a hunger. (something indistinct)
Me: You have a merry hunger?
Penelope: No! I'm going to marry hunger!
Me: You're going to marry hunger?
Penelope: No, I'm going to marry that hungry dog inside my stomach. He is growling! Now get me my food!
1:31 pm

While waiting for Derrick to get back from picking up Grayson, following a long conversation comparing Letter People to The Letter Factory...

Penelope: (while coloring with sidewalk chalk) Wouldn't it be awful if someone ate his own children? Wait didn't you read me a story like that in one of our books?
Me: You're probably thinking of Chronos. He ate his children.
Penelope: Yes, the Greek one.
Me: (reflectively): Of course, Count Ugolino also ate his children. He's in a book called The Divine Comedy.
Penelope: You've read a lot of books.
Me (picking up on some scrutiny): A lot of books about people who eat their children?
Penelope (shaking her head): I never seem to come across those books.
6:30 pm

I swear I don't go around picking fights with mockingbirds. I just take their pictures from a reasonable distance. But I'm getting the vibe lately that I am not their favorite person.

7:23 pm

Penelope (to Derrick in a warning tone): I can get fierce, you know.
9:00 pm

Penelope prepared this book of scary stories to read to Grayson when the storm starts tonight. She's pretty mad it's not raining yet. (She's especially proud of the "Boo Penelope." "Get it? Instead of By Penelope?")

9:07 pm

Me: (reading a headline) You can turn dead loved ones into perfume?
Derrick: Did you hear the one about the people who replaced...
Me: (for some reason, I blurt out) Their Folger's Crystals with their dead loved ones? Let's see if they can tell the difference! (I notice the look on his face.) Sorry!
9:10 pm

Derrick: What would you do if a mob of people ran past the window screaming?
(after some discussion) What if it's the start of the zombie apocalypse?
Me: I'd stay in the house. Let's face it, why would the zombies come here if there's a bunch of idiots screaming through the streets? They'd follow the screaming meat mob.
Gray: What if they found us? What if they came to the house?
Me: Stay in the house and cloak our scents.
Gray: With what?
Me: Well, zombies eat brains, so...
Grayson: That's a stereotype.
Me: That's true.
Gray: For all we know, they would eat any food available. Like fingers. (In a zombie voice) I want to lick your fingers.
Me: That's disturbing.
Penelope: And their fingers are covered with blood! That's really disturbing.
Derrick: What I would do is check Twitter because it's updated in realtime, and the people running away would be tweeting.
Me: Hashtag zombie apocalypse?
Penelope: Can we please turn on the lights?
Derrick: Aren't you the one who begged to turn the lights off?
Gray: But now it's getting boring.
Penelope: Yeah, and I'm thirsty.
Gray: I just want to turn on the lights and eat and drink.
10:08 pm

Penelope: This is my new husband.
Derrick: He's very tall and thin.
Gray: I wonder what their kids will be like.

10:24 pm

Penelope: My husband likes you.
Gray: Well I don't like him.
Penelope as Cardboard Tube: Now I don't like you either. Now I understand all the stories your sister told me about you, how you were so mean to her.
Penelope: That is not true! That's what he said! I never told him those bad things about you.
Grayson: (jokingly to cardboard husband) You wanna go?
Penelope (Punches the cardboard husband until he falls down): Take that! My brother means more to me than you!
Me: Well that was a bad marriage.
Penelope (walking across the cardboard husband) Ha! You don't matter! High five, Gray?
10:33 pm

April 25th

Penelope (redecorating one half of her cardboard tube husband): This is my girlfriend.
Me: Your girlfriend? Where did you get a girlfriend?
Grandma: She just punched her in the face.
Me: Well, you're not going to keep her long.
Grandma: Oh, well I beg your pardon.
Penelope: THESE MARKERS ARE REALLY HARD TO CLOSE! (Grumbling) And besides, my boyfriend was beating up my girlfriend, so I had to punch him in the face.

There is a lot going on with this long cardboard box amazon used to ship our kite.
11:26 am

Penelope: I like people who ignore your face.
Me: Who ignore your face?
Penelope: Yeah, who don't care if it looks good, or don't care if it looks bad, or don't care if you're mean...
Me: You like people who care about what's on the inside?
Penelope: Yeah...uh oh! (referring to her cardboard boyfriend) Uh oh! His eyes are turning red. Ohhhhhhhhh! He doesn't look happy. Grandma, should I move away from him?
Grandma: Um...
Penelope: His eyes are turning red!!! Oh well, I'll just turn him over! (coloring the girl on the other side) I'll make her so fancy.
11:29 am

Penelope: (with the female side of her cardboard box) Mommy, this is my new best friend. As you can see I gave her eye shadow. Tonight is prom night. The boys at her high school don't care about what the girls are wearing, but the girls always wear dresses at their school, and the boys always wear ties. The boys just care about the girl's face.
Me: What do they like about the girl's face?
Penelope: They just think that all girls' faces are pretty.
11:35 am

Grandma: What is this? Do you know?
Penelope: Well come show it to me.
Grandma: Well come over here and get it. You have legs.
Penelope: (whining) Well you have legs, too!
Grandma: But you're young and spry!
Penelope: But you're old!
12:10 pm

Penelope: (as we wait for Derrick at the gas station) That hippo is so cute dressed up in his farmer clothes. There used to be a lot of farmers around here. Back in the days when there were cowboys, there were farmers, too. It's true.
Me: Yes, but you know there are still farmers. There are still farmers in Hutto.
Penelope: Yes, but not as many as when there were hundreds of cowboys.
1:48 pm

Penelope: (annoyed with the fly in our kitchen): Why do bugs have to take human food? Why don't they just take on human form and get their own food? It's like just take on human form bugs and get some money. It's not that hard. Get your own money and buy your own food!
Me: Well, that's just as reasonable as some proposals I've heard.
3:46 pm

Trying to fly a kite in the 90 degree heat when there was no wind was tricky, but Penelope was happier after a Gatorade break under a tree!

4:15 pm

Derrick: You'd better watch it, girlie!
Penelope: You'd better watch it! I have more tricks up my spine than you!
(a moment later)
Penelope: (approaching him) Hey Dad. 'Sup? (whacks him in the stomach) That was one of my tricks!
(a moment later)
Penelope: (while threatening him) You're a slow poke, you master of genius! (during their "fight", ferociously) You're making me on fire, Dad! (attacks) (later) You'd better watch it, Daddy! I've still got tricks up my spine!
Penelope: You'd better watch it Mr. (garbled).
Derrick: Mr. Misty?
Penelope: Mr. Mischief!
Derrick: You'd better watch it, Tricks Up Your Spine.
5:13 pm

Okay, so our attempt to fly a kite (in no wind) while Gray was at a birthday party this afternoon wasn't pretty. But the kite's pretty!

7:05 pm

The TV: To the Greeks, the defeat was definitive proof...
Penelope: Grayson, I'm a Greek.
Gray: No you're not.
Penelope: My name is Greek. It is. My name is Greek.
Gray: Yeah, but just because your name is Greek, that doesn't mean you're Greek. That's just where your name comes from.
Penelope: Ohh. I thought I was a Greek.
7:05 pm

Derrick: Okay Rose Shine, what are you going to do during your watch?
The Paladin: I'm going to be sharpening my sword and counting my jabblins.

This Paladin of ours is always throwing "jabblins."
7:41 pm

Derrick: Okay, Rose, you open the door!
Penelope: I see nothing.
8:59 pm

Me: You're a very whiny paladin.
Penelope: I'm not a paladin.
Me: Yes you are.
Penelope: I'm not.
Gray: You mean you're not in real life, but you are in D&D?
Penelope: No, I am a paladin in real life, but I'm not in D&D.
Gray: Then what are you in D&D?
Penelope: I'm a shape-shifter. And I rolled a natural 19. And there's a head in the middle of my face.
9:36 pm

April 26th

Gray: What does the kite look like? I've never seen it.
Me: It's a bird.
Gray: Or is it a plane? It's a's a plane...
Grandpa: It's a plain bird!
(Everybody groans except Penelope)
Penelope (delighted): Hahahahaha! It's a plain bird!!!
12:07 pm

Penelope (after Selina Kyle pushes someone out a window on Gotham): That kid's got a bad attitude!
3:24 pm