Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gideon is Here

Gideon was born this morning at 7:58 am.  He weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces (exact same as me at birth).  He was 20 inches long with a 14 3/8 inch head and a 9/9 Apgar.

Everything is going well, and he's already breastfed 3 times, but my phone needs to be charged.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Last Minute Thoughts

Right now, Derrick is e-mailing his professors.  My dad is talking to me about getting sliced open.  I think he's trying to be comforting.  He and I have getting our abdomens cut open twice in common...or at least we will by tomorrow at 7:30.  I think he's intending this as a pep talk.

I just thought I'd just write one last blog entry because I think I'll shut down my computer while I'm gone.

I'm not sure he knows how c-sections work.  I think he's foreseeing a different kind of anesthesia than I'll be getting.  A liver transplant is a little different.

Anyway, I think we're going to play Super Luigi with Penelope.

Blah Blah Blog

I'm not sure what to do with myself in these remaining few hours.   The c-section is basically twelve hours away now.  (6:00 AM is when the prep begins.)  I'm just sitting here surfing the internet.  I have to leave the hospital bracelet I got at pre-admission this afternoon on.  It seems to be irritating my wrist already.  This isn't a great fashion accessory for someone who washes her hands as much as I do.

It's weird.  I'm so excited about Gideon being born, but part of me is also terrified.  It's weird to think I'm excited about going in tomorrow at the crack of dawn so they can cut my abdomen open.  I had to sign a waver giving them permission to give me a hysterectomy if my life is in danger.  They also make you read through possible complications of anesthesia.  Well, I mean, you sort of have to initial all the places.  You can't exactly have a C-section without anesthesia!  I don't even think they'll do such a thing.

It's weird to think I won't feel him squirming around in my abdomen anymore after today.  He's such an active baby.  I keep thinking, What if he secretly turns out to be a girl.  That happened to someone I know fairly recently--the sex of the baby they had been told was incorrect.  But I mean, I've had a blood test and weekly ultrasounds.

Derrick and Nellie have been upstairs cleaning up the room.  I'm going to go look at it now.


So Mom and Dad just left for the grocery store and took Penelope with them.

I really wish I knew what to do for her.  She just cried so hard she almost made herself throw up.  The way she was carrying on, you'd think she was the victim of some genuine atrocity.  All Mom was doing was brushing her hair.

Penelope screamed out through her tears, "I'm sensitive!  Doesn't anybody know I'm sensitive?  Doesn't anybody know me at all anymore?  Doesn't anybody know anything about me?  I'm not mad at anybody!  I'm just crying because THIS HURTS!!!!!"

I was watching very closely.  Mom was being extremely gentle.  Then they also had a fight because Penelope initially refused to wear her shirt over her belly button.  She wanted to pull it up above her belly button.

I called her over to me and hugged her for a good solid two minutes, and that seemed to help a lot.  It reduced the tears, though.  It didn't come close to stopping them.  I told her, "Your braid looks so pretty."

She responded in enlightened dismay/rage, "It's a BRAID!????  NO WONDER IT HURTS!  I thought it was a ponytail!" as if Mom is some kind of monster for braiding her hair (which she usually likes to have done).

I've been trying to keep up with all the cute stuff she says, so I did an extra little Penelope Says post today.  I know that in less than 24 hours, I'll be in the hospital having a baby.  I won't be home until Saturday evening at the earliest, possibly Sunday, and then I'll be healing with a newborn, so I'm bound to get behind on some things.  I don't want any cute little tidbits to get lost in a digital abyss.

Yesterday when she came to see what I was up to, I explained, "I'm trying to get the Penelope Says post done early because after tomorrow..."

She interrupted knowingly, "It won't be about me anymore."

She's really stressed about the baby coming, and I just don't know how to calm her about that.  She was very snooky all day yesterday and seems that way again this morning.

Last night, though, we took a bike ride around the neighborhood and then came back and played Super Luigi Brothers, and she was charming as could be, in rare form actually, full of jokes.  I wish she wouldn't worry about the baby.  I understand why she does, but I just wish she'd take comfort when we offer it.

Penelope Says

June 22nd

So everybody has been working hard around here this morning. Mom cleaned the carpet, and Derrick cleaned out the car and installed the car seat. I went out to look and took my camera, so I could take a picture of the carseat. But because the carpet was wet from the kitchen table to the front door, I ended up going out the back door and through the gate. As a result, instead of photographing the carseat, I got distracted and took a bunch of random, opportunistic pictures of this mockingbird. Please enjoy.

2:33 pm

(A scuffling from the stairs)
Penelope: Uh oh, Grandma.
Grandma: What is it?
Penelope (comes down the stairs, holding a Styrofoam carton): I accidentally punched a hole!
Grandma: Oh, in your little dish?
Penelope: Yeah.
Grandma: Well that's all right. It will still hold colors.
Penelope: (aghast) But my pretend lasagna!
4:20 pm

The mockingbird escapes from me...

4:47 pm

Grandma: (talking about how I surprised people by saying the ABCs when I was extremely young) Your mommy has a lot of challenges, but not being smart is not one of them.
Penelope: What could I do when I was a baby? What was my biggest challenge?
Me: Surviving birth.
Penelope: No, but I mean...
Me: I'm serious, Nellie. When most babies were still inside their mommies, you had to learn how to eat and learn how to breathe...
Penelope: Well, what are my challenges now?
Grandma: I think your biggest challenge right now is not falling and hurting yourself.
Me: Yes, she got hurt again tonight while we were out. She just fell off her bike.
Grandma: Oh my goodness!
Penelope: It wasn't my fault! I was going up a driveway to get around a car, and my whole bike just fell over, and my whole body just fell off.
Me: Yes, it was quite a dramatic spill. I was actually worried for a second, but she was just fine.
Penelope: I fall off my bike a lot.
Grandma: Yes, I know. I worry about you. Sometimes you just fall over when you're sitting still, and you fall right out of your chair.
Me: You get that from me, Penelope. I am extremely clumsy and extremely accident prone.
Penelope (feigning exasperation with perfect timing): Well THANKS, Mommy!
9:00 pm

Grandma (while playing Animal Crossing): But how do you spell "know" like, "Yes, I know"?
Penelope: Well...
Grandma: I'll give you a hint.
Penelope: Now just a minute. I'm thinking about it. I know it's not like "N-O." I know there's something more to it than that. I'm just trying to think and remember what it is.
Grandma: It starts with a silent K.
Penelope: (cautiously) So K...N-O...and then...
Grandma: It ends with W.
Penelope: Yeah, yeah. I was just going to say W. I was getting to that.
Grandma: So how do you spell "now"?
Penelope: Well I know that! It's N-O-W! And then of course, there's awesome, say, like a boss.
Grandma: (playing Animal Crossing) Yeah, awe is A-W-E. That's kind of like "now" isn't it? Well, wait a minute. I guess it's really not. Nevermind. I don't know what I'm talking about.
Penelope: I know how to spell blue and green. B-L-U-E-A-N-D-G-R-E-E-N.
Grandma: How do you spell yellow?
Penelope: Y-E-L-L-O-W.
Grandma: How about brown?
Penelope: That's easy. B-R-O-N-W.
Grandma: No, think about that and try again.
Penelope (immediately exasperated): I SAID B-R-O-N-W!!!!!!!!
Grandma: But it's actually B-R-O-W-N.
Penelope (with an exasperated sigh): Okay, but can you just give me that because OBVIOUSLY I got mixed up when I was saying it? (Sighs heavily) Now why don't you see if I can count to 100...
9:09 pm

On her bike ride...
Penelope: Mom, what if you left your garage door open every day? Would birds fly inside?
Me: They might. It just depends. It's hard to predict what birds might do. It would depend on what made the birds feel safe.
Penelope: What if they did fly in the garage and then they made a nest on your head?
Me: Well I don't think a bird would build a nest on your head. That seems extremely unlikely to me. A bird would never think that was a good idea--unless it was crazy or something.
Penelope: So, you're saying a cuckoo might do it. (Low chuckle, pleased grin) That was a pun, Mom. Get it?
9:13 pm

Penelope: Are you ready to play or what?
Me: I'm about to play.
Penelope: Yeah, you say that, but what has been taking you so long?
Me: I'm just working up the energy to get up. My body just feels so tired it doesn't want to get up yet.
Penelope: Well, you have to get up one day because Gideon is coming. He's coming the day after tomorrow, so move your butt! Come on, lady, move your buttocks!
10:30 pm

Penelope: Gideon's going to come, and then you're never going to move that buttocks because then you're going to have to take that medication.
Me: What medication?
Penelope: I'm not talking about the medication you take now. (She rambles off a long list of drug names) I mean that stuff they're going to give you to have the baby.
Me: Oh you mean like painkiller for the C-section?
Penelope: (sighs) Yes, as you know you won't want to walk at first, and you won't be able to drive, and then that huge buttocks will never move again, and I'll say (in a weird little voice), "My poor, poor life! I'll never, never again see my mother get up off her buttocks!" (normal voice) True story.
10:33 pm

Me: Okay, Miss Buttocks. I'm here to play now.
Penelope: I'm not Miss Buttocks. You are.
Me: My butt doesn't talk.
Penelope: It used to. In high school. It could ta-alk!
Me: What???
Penelope: Trust me. I know because my butt talks, and it told me. They knew each other way back then before I was born. Your butt and my butt went to college together, and your buttocks talks!
10:37 pm

Monday, June 22, 2015


It's a good thing this baby is coming out in less than 36 hours because I feel like he might pop out any second now.  For just the past few days, I've suddenly been feeling like my back is going to bend over backwards like a tree and snap in half at any second.  And I also feel like my cervix must be getting ready to open soon.  I don't know quite how to explain what I mean by that, but it's just a big relief that they're taking him soon because I feel like he could come bursting out of me at any time.  I haven't felt that way until recently.  For a while, I was worried because they're taking him so early in the morning on the very day that I turn 37 weeks, but seriously, I don't think I can carry him much longer.

What's weird is that I haven't gained any weight for the past two weeks.  But he has!  In fact, since I first went to my first OB appointment in November till now, I've gained precisely four pounds!  Four pounds!  Last week, the baby weighed seven pounds!  And I have extra fluid again.

I took two walks today.  I think my weight doesn't increase because I walk so much.  They're short walks, but when you put them together, they comprise a lot of exertion.  They say pregnant women should exercise for thirty minutes each day, but the walk I take usually takes about 45 minutes, and I often take it twice.  Now granted, this is not intense, nonstop aerobic exercise.  I often walk fairly slowly.  Sometimes when I walk too fast, I feel a little crampy and get nervous.  I don't think it's contractions.  I think it's like my intestines and also him shifting around and moving.  But just in case I'm wrong, I slow down when that happens.  And I frequently stop and take pictures of birds.

But still.  If I didn't walk I would go insane.  There is no place where I can sit for long that's comfortable.  The couch is like torture.  It makes that spot on my leg feel sore and numb--like the skin gets this weird sensation, and sometimes I also get a toe cramp in that leg.  It also feels like it puts too much pressure on my abdomen, and when I sit there for a while, I have trouble emptying my bladder because everything feels tight.  I wonder now if I got so many UTIs early on because I was always sitting on that couch for two hours at a time after inserting my progesterone suppository.

Meanwhile, this uncomfortable folding chair in front of my laptop in the kitchen is my favorite place to sit, even though it makes my butt go numb and get sore, and sometimes if I've been sitting here a while, it's nearly impossible to get up.

That's a new thing.  It started very late last week.  Every time I stand up from a sitting position, I heave a huge sigh and almost feel out of breath.  It's a little crazy.  Then again, I am HUGE.  I'm like the poster child for the Biblical phrase "great with child."

Meanwhile (again), yesterday afternoon Penelope somehow hurt her finger while sitting on the couch.  She was sitting in my chair on the couch, and I think I must have been out walking because I was not aware of her doing it.  She was using one hand to lift herself up, and her pinkie bent back and held her weight in an awkward position.  So basically she jammed it pretty badly.  But the thing is, I did not hear one word about this until late last night.  In the meantime, she continued roughhousing around and wrestling with Grayson, and climbing all over stuff, and falling dramatically, and running around the park picking up various creatures and plants, and she was absolutely fine.  And then about ten o'clock at night, suddenly she was complaining that her finger was broken.

It still hurt this morning.  Derrick bought some gauze to wrap it.  It is a little swollen, but clearly it's not broken.  There's no real bruising.  At worst it may be sprained.  But see, after Derrick bought her the gauze and wrapped it, she asked in excitement, "Can you write on it?" like it was a cast.

He wrote I  [Heart] U in black marker.  Since then, she hasn't complained about it all afternoon.  Instead, she spent the afternoon complaining about Grayson.  [Note: 6/23, This paragraph got all messed up because I tried to type a heart.  I saw it just now.  It had been changed to some kind of coding gibberish, so I think I fixed it.]

She's being super weird.  (She's also been chewing up her nails and at random times talking in this loud, annoying baby voice, so obviously she's got a lot of anxiety about Gideon's birth going on.)

The other day Gray said how excited he is about having a baby brother, and that one day he's going to have a brothers' day just for him and Jackson and Gideon.  Penelope was so wounded by this that you'd think she was a Dickens protagonist.  She's being completely unreasonable about it and took huge offense that as a sister she was not invited (to this imaginary event that may never happen).

I was trying to point out to her that Grayson was not saying that he didn't love her and he was not saying that he's better than her because she's a girl (two frequently repeated complaints), but she was just in a mood to be unreasonable.  I tried to explain that as a different person living a different life, Grayson naturally is going to have a different perspective than she does.  I told her, "You worry about you," meaning it as advice.

She took it as a declarative statement and countered in a bitter little voice, "And he doesn't worry about anyone but himself!"

Then she claimed that he told her he didn't love her.  Apparently he said this "last month," and he implies it all the time by not telling her he loves her as constantly as she finds necessary.  (That's all completely ridiculous, of course, because he plays with her constantly.  I don't think she realizes how lucky she is to have a brother who is six years older who spends so much time playing with her and paying attention to her while he's here.)

But she wasn't really being rational.  She was also complaining that he bosses her around because "he thinks he's better than me."  I was like, "No.  He thinks he's older than you.  And he is older than you.  He's a lot older than you."

She was like, "Well, he's too bossy.  I'm old enough to know what I think about things.  And a girl is just as good as a boy!"

Grayson is always so nice to her.  Now he does sometimes tell her what to do (which never goes over well).  I think that conflict arises because at home, he's the oldest and used to telling Jack and Addie what to do as a way of being helpful.  (I have no idea how they respond, but I doubt they take umbrage like Penelope.)  The thing is, when he's not here, she's the oldest one here, so in a way, it's like they're both the oldest.   What's funny is she also tries to tell him what to do, and they're both so stubborn.  But really, for a boy, he's remarkably nurturing and goes out of his way to play with her.  I don't think she realizes that not every older sibling is so accommodating.

But the real issue is that Penelope is upset.  She's clearly afraid of being displaced by Gideon. First he'll take her parents, and then he'll take her brother. She said repeatedly today that she wants to be two years old.  I told her that she's a great age right now.  She's like, "In that case, I refuse to get any older.  I will stay in first grade forever and never go to middle school and never go to high school and never go to college."

This is going to be a big change to her world, but I wish I knew how to reassure her that everything will be fine.  There's still plenty of love for her, and I honestly do not wish she was a baby again.  I'm very happy with her being the age she is--whatever age she is.  This is honestly true, and I don't know how to communicate it to her.  I keep flat out telling her, but clearly that's not enough.

And while I was typing this, she tripped and fell at the bottom of the stairs, and now apparently there's a vampire in the bathroom.

Me: A vampire in the bathroom?  Where did he come from?
Penelope: (pragmatically) Transylvania.

I'd better go play with her now.  She's decided that she's done hanging out with Grandma and ready to spend time with me.  (I keep trying to do stuff with her since I'll be in the hospital for a few days soon, but she's always "busy playing with Grandma.")

Penelope Says

June 16th

Mom made homemade macaroni and cheese for dinner. When I went into the office to tell Derrick (who was doing homework) that dinner was ready, I saw this sitting on his desk.

7:09 pm

Me: Oh I see! We never found that green pipe before. You come out the yellow pipe.
Penelope: See, Mommy, you were wrong.
Me: Geez, Nellie! Okay, okay. I was wrong.
Penelope: (who is eating string cheese) String cheese makes me mean.
11:21 pm

June 17th

So I'm 36 weeks today. Unless something crazy happens in the meantime, Gideon will be born one week from today at 7:30 am. Here are some pictures of Penelope at 36 weeks. (She was already 2 1/2 months old at the time!) Tomorrow we'll get to see Gideon and hopefully find out how big he is.

11:35 am

Happy 38th Anniversary to These Two Madcap, Crazy Kids…

11:48 am

June 18th

So I just went to my last Maternal Fetal Medicine appointment--kind of surreal. We've been going there so often for so long. The ultrasound tech tried to get a cute picture of Gideon, but he thwarted every effort by dramatically throwing one hand over his face. They're estimating that he weighs 7 pounds, 1 ounce, though. So by next Wednesday, he should be somewhere between 7 and 8 pounds, which is a relief to me.
12:05 pm

Penelope (as I get home from the doctor's office): You're just in time. I'm making up a menu for my restaurant.
Grandma: Yes, and I'm just about to make her a grilled cheese.
Me: That sounds delicious.
(As Mom makes the grilled cheese)
Penelope: In a minute, we'll play our game, and you'll see that this Nabbit has got skills. He's got just 98 lives, but I'll fix that soon. He's very good at bubbling. He never falls off the cliff anymore, not this Nabbit.
Grandma: Well, don't I get to play my game a little bit first? All morning, I had to watch Blue’s Clues and the news.
Penelope (to me): Yes, while you were gone I saw something very shocking on the news. A man shot up a church. He just started killing everyone. He was a young man—only twenty-one, I think—and he looked very crazy.
Me: Yes, I saw that, too. Why do people do things like that?
Penelope: I don't know. I don't know.
Me: Unless someone is attacking you, it's so easy not to murder people. You just don't murder people.
Penelope: (shaking her head sympathetically) I know. I know. I think maybe he was mad at someone...maybe someone at that church. But I don't know. I don't know.
Grandma: Here now, your sandwich is ready. (After cutting it diagonally in half) Is this okay, or should I cut it again?
Penelope: No, no. That's just fine. That's exactly how they do it at Whataburger.
Grandma: Oh, well if that's how they do it at Whataburger, then who am I to argue?
12:22 pm

Penelope (out of nowhere while sitting on the couch watching Grandma play Animal Crossing, shaking her head with a sigh): A baby. A little thing, but it sure is a big deal.
12:23 pm

Last night...
Penelope: Dinah has been getting her orders, and the bad guys have been attacking her, but now so many of them are dead.
Me: (with an exhausted sigh) I think I'm dead.
Penelope: No, but I'm talking dead dead. Like you know, dead dead dead. Dead. Straight up dead!
12:24 pm

Penelope (just now, wisely to Mom): In the Army, a lot of people die. But I don't die, and I'm in the Army.
Mom: What makes all of those people die?
Penelope: They don't have very smart people.
Me: (laughing) I don't think that's it, honey. In the Army a lot of people die because they're doing dangerous things any being attacked. They're usually fighting to protect their country.
Penelope: Well, in my Army, the bad guys don't have any things, but they still usually win when they attack us. And that makes my Army boss very upset.

Gray has always said he either wants to be in the military or to be in law enforcement. Apparently Penelope has recently developed the half-baked notion to follow in his footsteps, but I don't think she understands how the Army works. Right now, she's pacing around with a walking stick singing, "Arrrrrmeee! Army! Army! Arrrrmeeeeeee!"
12:28 pm

Penelope at Sunset...

4:51 pm

To give you an idea of how crazy the weather has been here lately, here are two sets of photos taken one minute apart yesterday afternoon.

4:51 pm

June 19th

Mockingbird takes flight...

4:27 pm

Narrator: And so the chipmunk falls asleep, knowing that when he wakes up, his nuts will be there.
Grayson: I always hope my nuts will be there when I wake up.
9:25 pm

June 20th

Penelope: (as Grandma plays Animal Crossing) I'm scared of praying mantises. I'm scared of the ladies.
Gray: (agreeing) The ladies are worse.
10:57 am

Nellie (to Grayson): Eww! Smell my armpit and see if you can smell that.
Me: Did you just say smell my armpit and see if you can smell that? That's advice you don't want to take.
Gray: Especially from strangers.
Nellie (indignantly): I'm your sister!
9:13 pm

Me: (watching the opening of Them!): Music by Branislau Kaper! That's a name.
Grayson: Directed by Gordon Douglas.
Me: I still can't get over Branislau Kaper. I'm surprised I haven't heard of him. You don't forget a name like that.
(In the opening shot, a plane flies over the desert)
Gray: There's a plane.
Penelope: Is it a plane of ants?
(We laugh)
Gray: Who would be flying that plane?
Penelope: I do not know.
Gray: Look. There's a little girl walking down the side of the road...with a CREEPY DOLL! Um...she looks...
Me: She looks shell shocked or something. You wouldn't expect that from a little girl. Something must have scared her.
Gray: Well look at that doll.
Penelope: (in a doll voice) My name is talking Tina...
Gray: It's missing part of the head. Dude, you're going to need some help. Or um...girl.
Me: Broette as you would say. (Last night he called an animal in a documentary "broette" and seemed to think I was crazy when I suggested "sis.")
Highway patrolman on the screen: This blood must be ten, twelve hours old.
Me: Wow, that's oddly precise.
Gray: Yeah, especially for a patrolman. For forensics maybe...
(On screen, patrolman picks up a gun with a pencil and sniffs it)
Me (sarcastically): From the scent, I can tell this gun was fired forty-five minutes ago.
Gray: Oh look! It's part of the doll head! So this must be the girl's house.
Penelope: Ooh!
Gray: There are sugar cubes on the table.
Me: Uh oh! We may have to take apart our pyramid, if it's going to attract giant ants.
Penelope: (as the police confer and agree that they can't see any explanation that makes sense): Dude, you didn't see the sugar cubes?!!!
Grayson: Well, they don't know it's a movie like we do, Nellie.
Me: Yeah, they don't know it's about giant ants.
Penelope: They should figure it out from all the sugar cubes!
9:29 pm

Me: Who is that guy? He looks so familiar. (I look him up) Oh my gosh, it's James Whitmore! He's in The Shawshank Redemption.
Both kids: The what?!
Some Scientist Guy: (running down five ways the victim could have died) And here's one for Sherlock Holmes. There was enough formic acid in him to kill twenty men!
Me: Ooh! Formic acid. There's a clue.
The Kids: Why?
Me: Ants are full of formic acid. That ought to mean something to them.
Previously catatonic little girl (smelling formic acid, screaming): AHHHHHH! THEM! THEM! THEM!
Me: (laughing in delight since I'd suggested this before) I knew she was going to do it! I knew the first time she talked she was going to start repeatedly screaming, "THEM!"
Grayson: It took her a while.
Edmund Gwenn: We may be witnesses to a Biblical prophecy come true.
Me: About giant ants? I don't remember that one.
Grayson: They should drop a bomb on them.

By the way, if you think Jurassic World is sexist, watch Them! This female doctor gets off a plane, and one of the previously 100 percent professional male characters immediately starts leering at her legs and cracking jokes about how if she's a doctor, he wants to get sick! It's so crazy because she's wearing a long-sleeved tweed suit and doing absolutely nothing provocative.
9:49 pm

I don't think I've ever seen Them! before (which is odd because I've been aware that it exists for as long as I can remember). Right now, it's kind of reminding me of Aliens, the way they go down into the nest hunting for the queen.
10:03 pm

And now they're showing an ant trapped in amber in a filmstrip Edmund Gwenn is narrating, and I'm wondering if this served as any kind of inspiration for Jurassic Park (or at least for Richard Attenborough's performance).
10:05 pm

Gray: (as a typed note flashes across the screen) Wait! What did that say?
Me: Something about the guy flying the plane...Rewind it! (They show it again briefly) Wait!? Flying saucers shaped like ants! (With a gasp) Maybe the ants really were flying the plane! (Then I realize) Oh no, wait. The ants are flying away to start new colonies. They just said that. Never mind.
Gray: Oh so somebody thought the flying ants were flying saucers!
10:16 pm

There's also a late scene that looks just like the location where they have the drag race in Grease, and now that I realized they're in Los Angeles, I'm thinking it probably is actually the same place.
10:38 pm

Last words of the movie (as accurately as I could hear and transcribe them): When man entered the atomic age, he opened a door to the new world. What we will eventually find in that new world, nobody can predict.
Penelope: Now can we watch a happier show?

(She's going around turning all the lights on now, saying, "Whew!" which is kind of funny because she's the one who insisted on turning them all off!)
10:50 pm

I was actually surprised by how good Them! was. The cinematography is really interesting, too. Even Grayson was like, "Wow, this is actually a really good movie," after we had been watching a while. I'm thinking now it must be one that gets studied in film school a lot because so many scenes reminded me of other well known films.
11:03 pm

June 21st

Happy Father's Day, Derrick!  (None of the pictures I wanted to post is accessible from this computer, but your real present is coming on Wednesday!)

12:05 pm

Happy Father's Day, Dad! (I can't seem to access most of the pictures I want from my laptop this morning, but I thought this one was kind of funny! We can see where Nellie gets her photobombing skills!)

12:10 pm

I also really love this photo, Derrick!

12:15 pm

Penelope: (wrestling with Grayson, in a supremely accusatory tone) OW! You hurt my leg!! I HAVE DROPOUT LEG IN THAT LEG!!!!
Derrick, Gray, and Me: (in confused unison) Dropout leg??!
12:16 pm

The perfect solution--when you can't find the photos you want, take new photos! Happy Father's Day!

12:23 pm

Mockingbird of Hutto Prepares His Escape

3:41 pm

Flower in a raindrop. This sort of worked. I wish I had a macro lens. Trying to do this with a zoom lens was very tricky and didn't exactly work.

3:49 pm

Flowers in the Rain

3:57 pm

Grandma (commenting on the Amazing Acts of Science video Derrick and the kids are watching) This is like Lost, the part with the pyramid...
Penelope (exasperated): NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT LOST!
4:10 pm

Me: Penelope, can you smile?
Penelope: No!
Me: Come on!
Penelope: Aren't you listening to Daddy? We need to get out of here. That storm is closing in on us.
Derrick: We do need to get out of here.
Penelope: COME ON, MOM!

And more park photos...

10:56 pm

June 22nd

Last night...
Penelope: I changed my mind. I don't think I want a little brother anymore.
Me: Well, you're getting one in two days.
Penelope: I think I'd rather have a little sister instead.
Derrick: Too late now!
11:50 am

Penelope, who spent yesterday roughhousing and wrestling and jumping off stuff and running around the park, somehow jammed her pinkie while sitting quietly on the couch. Most of her distress about it seems to be psychological, displaced anxiety. But Derrick just bought her some stuff to wrap it (that self-adhesive bandage stuff) and wrapped it for her. Her first question, "Can you write on it?"

So he wrote I <3 black="" div="" in="" marker.="" u="">1:24 pm