Monday, August 31, 2015

Penelope Says

August 8th

Little Man Poses

8:23 am

August 9th


2:54 pm

Gideon Enjoys His Jungle

2:58 pm

Penelope (as I try to research peripheral neuropathy online): Do you know anything about leg pain? See if you can find anything about leg pain because this leg has really been hurting me and it's very mysterious. It has really been bothering me.
Me: Did you bump your leg on something?
Penelope: No. It just hurts.
Me: Did you fall recently?
Penelope: Yes, yesterday I did a cartwheel off Grandma's bed, and that was when I started to notice the leg was hurting, but I still haven't been able to figure out why.
10:41 pm

August 10th

In the Jungle

5:55 pm

August 11th

So I am having a problem. I wouldn't mention it on here except that I am so terrified. What I initially thought was some toe numbness following foot swelling after my c-section turned out to be numbness spreading across my toes and feet. It seemed to be following the pattern of peripheral neuropathy and very slowly moved through my toes.

I quit taking the macrobid I'd been on to prevent bladder infection in case it was causal. That was last Tuesday. I couldn't get in with a neurologist, so Thursday I went to the er. They agreed that the macrobid could be the issue, said it would stop progressing and begin to heal.

But it continued to progress faster than before, up my legs, into my right hand. Yesterday I saw a GP who gave me vitamins and said it would begin to heal itself.

Half an hour after the office visit, I began to rapidly lose sensation in my left hand. Then late last night, I suddenly lost partial sensation in my chin, lower lip, and tongue.

Why will a neurologist not see me sooner and what can I do? My toes are now so numb, I can't tell where they are.
9:12 am

August 14th

"Gideon will never know it's me!"

3:10 pm

August 16th

Talking to his brother

12:45 pm

Sleeping in the car is so comfortable

2:25 pm

Brother Time

5:45 pm

Talking to Grayson

5:48 pm

Rayburn Boys

5:51 pm

"Yes, Mommy?"

5:55 pm

A couple more...

5:56 pm

Gray and Giddy

6:00 pm

These two are just so photogenic

6:02 pm
Well, it's a good thing my baby is cute because I still can't feel my toes. At least the sensation in my lips and hands hasn't degraded noticeably further. This still scares me. I keep telling myself they're only toes...and hands...and lips...and my mouth...and my face...

It gets to be kind of a lot. Hopefully the neurologist can figure out what's going wrong.
6:17 pm

August 17th

In the Jungle...


4:56 pm

August 18th

Derrick: Grayson, your mom says to check your phone.
Penelope: Why does your mom want you to check your phone?
Gray: I don't know.
Penelope (guessing idly): Maybe she sent you something amusing.
5:13 pm

All set for first grade! Penelope was lucky enough to get her wonderful kindergarten teacher again! And the hippo got a new paint job/secret identity!

7:02 pm

August 20th

Penelope is so excited about having her kindergarten teacher again that she's writing a children's book to impress her.

Me: The Seashell Who Walked Ashore. That's a great title. It's so poetic.
Penelope: Yeah, it's mystical, right? That's what I thought.

5:01 pm

Penelope: Could you scoop me some Neapolitan? Could you just give me a little more strawberry. I always like a little extra strawberry...and a little extra chocolate...and vanilla. I guess I'm just an ice cream gal. But really, who isn't?
10:19 pm

August 21st

Penelope: (as Gideon plays on his jungle mat) All the animals love you. You're the new born king. You're kind of just like Baby Jesus, except you're born in the jungle, not in a haystack.
Me: Baby Jesus was not born in a haystack. You're thinking of a manger.
Penelope: A manger and a haystack are basically the same.
3:58 pm

Penelope (cutting up index cards and breaking popsicle sticks): Grandma, may I please use your arts and crafts glue?
Mom: Why?
Penelope: Because I'm making a windmill.
Mom: You may use my glue if you let me brush your hair.

I should have known she was serious when she agreed to that.

4:05 pm

Mom: May I take your dish?
Penelope: No! I'm still eating my banana split!
Mom: But it's all melted.
Penelope: But I like it that way! You've got to cherish the moment.
Me: Cherish the moment?
Penelope: Yes, this is my first banana split, so I'm not done enjoying it. (Playing in her melty ice cream) Ooh! The water goes over the dam!
4:25 pm

Grandma: I don't believe we're going to get as much rain as they said. Those rats! It's all lies!
Penelope: (with a grin)Lies and wicked calumnies.
Grandma (who always says that, pleased) That's right.
4:27 pm

August 22nd

Talking to Daddy

8:54 pm

August 23rd

Bath Time!

7:38 pm

After the wash cloth hat incident, Gideon grew suspicious of Daddy's methods.

7:48 pm

Happier after his bath

8:30 pm

August 24th

"Mom, will you stop taking pictures. This is first grade. It's all been done before!"

7:49 am

One more bath photo

8:50 am

On a walk

8:59 am

Penelope: She let me draw a smiley face on my folder. And we get to use restroom passes. I feel so alive!
3:36 pm

Gideon is asleep and my dad just slammed the dishwasher shut very noisily...
Penelope: (at the top of her lungs) WE HAVE A BABY IN THIS HOUSE!
Grandpa: So why are you shouting?
Penelope: Your clanking was louder than my shouting!

This makes me flash back to when I was in first grade and my Grandma would get so mad at my Grandpa for whispering with me during church. "JAMES! Be quiet! WE ARE IN CHURCH!"
7:07 pm

Penelope (complaining to Grandma that she can't find her peach crayon): How am I supposed to finish my homework? What if Mrs. Ybarra asks me, "Where is your skin color?" What am I supposed to say to her then? "I can't find my peach"? Is that what I should say????
7:14 pm

Surprise Kiss

7:36 pm

So Gideon was okay trying out his crib...

...until I turned on the mobile.

7:39 pm

August 25th

Age: 2 months
Weight: 12 pounds
Height: 22 inches

2:03 pm

Me: (as Penelope gets in the car, after feeling guilty all day) Penelope, I'm so sorry. Daddy told me you were expecting me to put a surprise in the bottom pouch of your lunch bag, but I just thought you meant that you wanted something different in there every day, so I just put your banana in there...
Penelope: I'm so sorry I forgot to eat it, and now it must be just like rotting in my lunch...
Derrick: Well y'all are a pair!

3:21 pm

August 27th

Flirting with his butterflies

5:56 pm