Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Penelope's Top Ten Disney Memories 2017: #1 Build-A-Bear

Penelope's Top Ten Disney Memories 2017
#1 Build-A-Bear

After we ate at Pizza Port, Grandma took me and Gideon to Build-A-Bear. I was still recovering from when Gray tricked me into eating a packet of red pepper. We went to the Monorail, but it wasn't running. The guy said the track got too hot and they couldn't run the trains. Meanwhile Mom was at the candy store getting candy for the trip back home. Dad and Gray were at Lost and Found looking for Gray's sunglasses. Back to Build-A-Bear people, Grandpa was trying to get the elevator to work. Instead we ended up taking the stairs. We were picking out the the things to put stuffing in. I think it's called molds or something like that. Gideon picked a puppy while a worker helped me find a cat.  Just then Mom shows up. As we fill the the toys with stuffing, the lady says, "Grab a heart to put in the toys." Giddy grabs 2 hearts. I only grabbed 1. Then we put in the sound, then the strawberry smell, then the heart. Then as we go down the stairs, Gray and Dad come up the stairs. I tell them were going down. Gray's like,  "Really?! Sigh." Dad's like, "Okay. Sigh."  It was pretty fun!


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