Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Penelope's Top Ten Disney Memories 2017: #2 California Screamin'

Penelope's Top Ten Disney Memories 2017

Memory #2: California Screamin'
If you don't know California Screamin' is the scariest ride in all of Disneyland! Last time I rode it I was terrified (although I was 5). Me, Aunt Merry, and Mom were pretty scared! Dad and Gray were excited! I got on shivering and shaking in fear. As soon as we got on, Mom started screaming. I'm a kid so when I sit down I can't reach the safety restraint, so I'm jumping up and down trying to reach it, so finally Mom helps me. I thought I would be terrified but it was AWESOME!                                                                                                               THE END OF MEMORY 2

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